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Creation Kids Lab 2022

  • Exhibition
    DATES: Fri. September 2 - Mon. September 19, 2022
    HOURS: 11:00a.m.- 7:00p.m. Closed Mondays throurgh Thursdays. Admission free.

    DATES : Aug 16 (Tue), Aug 18 (Thur), Aug 20 (Sat), Aug 25 (Thur), Aug 27 (Sat), Aug 30 (Tue)

    *Upon entry to the gallery, all visitors are requested to submit to a temperature check, sanitize their hands, wear a face mask, and maintain a social distance of 2 meters. Persons with any of the following symptoms are requested to refrain from visiting the gallery: fever (above 37.5℃), cough, sore throat, general fatigue, etc.

Organizer: Creation Gallery G8
Cooperation: CANVAS Inc.