As a part of its CSR activities, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. operates two galleries in the Ginza area of Tokyo: Creation Gallery G8 and Guardian Garden. For Recruit—a company whose business centers on the provision of information through diverse media forms, including information magazines, the Internet and mobile communications—graphic design, illustration, photography and the other methods of visual expression that underpin today’s media play an indispensable role. Creation Gallery G8 is a gallery dedicated to visual communication where works by a wide array of Japanese artists are introduced: from those representative of their art to up-and-coming new talents. Guardian Garden supports the creative activities of the highly promising younger generation through various series of open competitions.

Guardian Garden was founded in 1990 to provide an opportunity and venue where young artists can express their creative talents. Its activities center on open competitions in the fields of graphic art and photography. The competitions are judged by well-established artists and leading authorities in these fields, and the underlying goal is to discover and foster the growth of new artists from a long-range perspective. Guardian Garden is a place where budding young artists receive the chance to rise to a new level of achievement or to begin their journey toward making a career of their art—to take their position as the leaders of the next generation.