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  3. Motoyuki Daifu Exhibition: “Peaceful Day”


The Second Stage at GG #42

Motoyuki Daifu Exhibition: “Peaceful Day”

  • DATES : Tue. June 7 - Fri. June 24, 2016
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission free.

“The Second Stage at GG” is a series of exhibitions presenting more recent works by former finalists in the gallery’s open competitions launched to promote budding artists in various fields. The 42nd exhibition in the series, titled “Peaceful Day,” will feature the works of Motoyuki Daifu, who was a finalist in the 29th “Hitotsubo Exhibition” Photography Competition in 2007 with his snapshots of his family and their everyday life. Since then, Daifu’s works have come to be exhibited in museums and galleries both in Japan and abroad, and collections of his works have been published. For “Peaceful Day” he will show some 26 items from his previously released photographs, newly reworked as large ink-jet prints.

Daifu’s photographs are of the people and things that comprise his daily life: his family, his everyday life at home, scenes at the dinner table, the neighborhood where he lives, and so on. His photographs iconically and vividly capture situations from the perspective of the observer. He accepts both the positive and negative aspects of his relationship with his family and his surroundings, and although he himself is a character in all this, he stands apart and interprets and expresses his chosen subjects from a free, bird’s-eye view. While his photos may seem intuitive, Daifu actually shoots his subject many times, and from this mass of works he derives at the composition he has in mind, with the result that each finished work has multi-layered meanings.

For this exhibition, Daifu has newly reworked some of his photos previously released in this series, which he will spread throughout the gallery space by way of giving form to their mutual connections and integrity. This will be his very first comprehensive solo show since he was a finalist in 2007. We are sure visitors will enjoy seeing what Daifu has achieved in the interim.


Message from the Artist

My elder sister suddenly announced she wants to be a farmer, left home, and is working in the boonies of Chiba.
My younger brother is building a motorbike from scratch – in his room.
The youngest in the family, my younger sister, is now 18 and graduated from high school. She says at the moment her dream is to become a beautician.
Mother claims to be selling insurance, but whether that’s so or not, I’m not sure.
What I do know is that whenever she goes out she wears two sets of eyeglasses.
Compared to 2007, everybody’s living their own lives.

Motoyuki Daifu

Motoyuki Daifu

Born in Tokyo in 1985. In 2007, graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts and was a finalist in the 29th “Hitotsubo Exhibition” competition. In 2013, he was nominated for the “Prix Pictet” international award in photography. His principal exhibitions to date include “Lovesody” (2012 / Lombard-Freid Projects, New York), “Still Life” (2014 / MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo), “Prix Pictet – Consumption” (2014 / Victoria & Albert Museum, London), and “The family is a pubis, so I cover it with pretty panties.” (2014 / Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles). His publications include “Lovesody” (2012 / Little Big Man Books) and “Project Family” (2013 / Dashwood Books), and in May 2016 “Still Life” will be published by Newfave.

Organizer: Guardian Garden