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会期:2020.7.7 火 – 8.6 木 日曜・祝日休館 入場無料



◆個人情報管理責任者:株式会社リクルートホールディングス リクルートクリエイティブセンター グループマネジャー
◆個人情報に関するお問合せ先 TEL 03-6835-2270(受付時間:11:00~19:00 土日祝日除く)



Visitors are now required to register online before coming to the gallery.

22nd “1_WALL” Photography Exhibition
Tue. July 7 – Thu. August 6, 2020
Closed Sundays and public holidays, Admission free.

Before visiting this exhibition, visitors are required to make a reservation by registering certain personal information. Please note that the registration procedure requires agreement with the following Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy
Visitors are required to register in advance by submitting the following personal information: full name, telephone number, email address. This information will be used to convey notifications concerning the exhibition and related events. Failure to provide the required information in full may result in denial of these services. Recruit Holdings shall, in principle, never provide a registrant’s personal information for any other purpose or provide said information to a third party without the registrant’s express permission. However, in some cases Recruit may consign handling of personal information, partly or fully, outside the company. As a rule, only the registrant shall be able to seek a) notification of how personal information is to be used, b) disclosure, correction, addition to, deletion of, or cessation of use of registered information, and c) cessation of provision of said information to a third party. For further details, please contact the managing authority listed below.

Special measures: In addition to the standard uses delineated in the above Privacy Policy, registered information may be used to contact the registrant in the event of an outbreak of the new coronavirus or other disease, in order to prevent the spread of infection. Also, said information may, for the same purpose, be provided to a public healthcare center, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, or other public institution. Furthermore, in order to prevent the spread of such infection, information which alone would not enable a third party to identify the registrant may, when deemed necessary, be provided to other visitors or third parties or be posted on Recruit Holdings’ website.

◆ For further information relating to this matter, please contact the authority in charge of managing personal information:
Group Manager, Recruit Creative Center, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
TEL 03-6835-2270 (11:00a.m. – 7:00p.m., Monday through Friday; closed holidays)