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Hiroshi Yamazaki

Hiroshi Yamazaki was born in Nagano Prefecture in 1946. He studied at Nihon University College of Art, but withdrew in 1968 and became a stage director for Shuji Terayama’s Tenjo Sajiki theater troupe. In 1969 he took up photography, and in 1973 began a career in film making. In 1974 Yamazaki held his first solo exhibition, “OBSERVATION,” at Galleria Grafica (Tokyo). This has been followed by a long list of exhibitions, both in Japan and overseas, including participation in exhibitions at the New York Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of Photography (ICP). In 1983 Yamazaki won a Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan for his series of long exposure photographs of the sun; in 1994, the Prime Minister’s Award at the Japan Calendar Exhibition; and in 2001, the Ina Nobuo Award for “Cherry Blossoms.” He has published two photo books: HELIOGRAPHY (Seikyusha) and HORIZON (Rikuyosha). His photos are included in numerous permanent collections, including the New York Museum of Modern Art, Princeton University Art Museum, and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Yamazaki is currently a professor at Musashino Art University.