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Time Tunnel Series Vol. 25

KASAI Kaoru 1968

  • DATES : Mon. October 29 - Thu. November 22, 2007
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays)
  • Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

The “Time Tunnel” series places the spotlight on the earliest works of artists who have subsequently risen to the pinnacle of their field. The 25th exhibition in the series features works by art director Kaoru Kasai.

Over the years, Kaoru Kasai has created numerous advertisements bearing his distinctive artistic touch, but rare in the world of advertising are his ad campaigns of long endurance: his ads for Suntory Oolong Tea (1982 to date) and United Arrows (1997 to date), for example. During the past 10 years, Mr. Kasai has expanded the realms of his activities greatly, now including theater, film, book design, spatial design, CI design, and more.

Kaoru Kasai was born in Hokkaido, and as a boy he was fond of tinkering with machines and making toy models. As a high school student he came to know lettering and, taking a correspondence course, he became fascinated with the forms of letters. Before long he decided this would be his profession, and he moved to Tokyo and got a job at Bunka Printing Company. That was in 1968 – the year marking the start of Kaoru Kasai’s career as a designer.

After that, Mr. Kasai worked for a while at Ohtani Design and then joined SUN-AD Company. It was after that that he began creating numerous ads that left a searing impression in people’s memory, starting with his “I Love You” (1983) and “Two Glasses” (1984), both for Suntory. Meanwhile he has also produced a large number of graphic works drawn freehand.

This exhibition will introduce Kaoru Kasai’s works, from his debut up to the present, at two venues. Creation Gallery G8 will focus on his advertising works for Suntory Oolong Tea, Sony and the Seibu Department Stores, as well as his “idea sketches.” Guardian Garden will highlight his creative works for the theater and films, his book and product designs, etc. Visitors will also be treated to an introduction to Mr. Kasai’s creative process.

Kaoru Kasai

Kaoru Kasai was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, in 1949. After initially working at Bunka Printing Co., Ltd. (1968-1970) and then Ohtani Design (1970-1973), he has been employed at SUN-AD Company Limited since 1973. His creative activities span a broad spectrum, including: long-term production of advertising for Suntory Oolong Tea (1983 to date), United Arrows (1997 to date), etc.; CI, spatial planning, package design, etc. for Toraya Confectionery; CI and signage planning for Suntory and Roppongi Commerce Association; cinema and theater advertising art; book design; etc. His recent works include video production for “Nakimushi piero” (Crybaby Clown), a song featured on the NHK TV program “Minna no uta” (Everybody’s Songs), and book design for the Japanese edition of Peter Zumthor’s Thinking Architecture. Among the awards Mr. Kasai has received to date are the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, Mainichi Design Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Kodansha Publishing Culture Award for Book Design, and the Tokyo ADC Hiromu Hara Award. In 2010 he published a catalog of his works titled KASAI Kaoru 1968 (Art Design Publishing). Mr. Kasai is a member of JAGDA, Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC and AGI.

Exhibition Overview
Venue 1: Creation Gallery G8
Mainly advertising works, plus idea sketches, etc.

Venue 2: Guardian Garden
Works for theater and film, book and product designs, introduction to Mr. Kasai’s creative process

Interview Brochure
A special brochure will be on sale containing a new interview with Mr. Kasai. He discusses his personal history from childhood to the present, and explains his approach to design.
A5 size (148x210mm) Monochrome Approx. 60 pages 500 yen

Creation Gallery G8, Guardian Garden