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JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition 2006

Atsuki Kikuchi, Akiko Sekimoto & Kaoru Takai

  • DATES : Mon. June 5 - Fri. June 30, 2006

The Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA), established in 1978, is one of Japan’s largest design organizations, its membership currently standing at some 2,300 designers. JAGDA undertakes a wide variety of activities aimed at enhancing our lives and culture through design. These include organization of exhibitions and seminars, and publication of works such as the JAGDA yearbook Graphic Design in Japan (formerly, JAGDA Annual) and VISUAL DESIGN, a textbook on design.

Each year, from among the works selected for inclusion in Graphic Design in Japan JAGDA presents the “JAGDA New Designer Awards” to promising young designers (up to age 39) who have produced high-quality works of outstanding freshness. Since their inception in 1983, the awards have been bestowed on 69 designers, all now active at the very forefront of their profession. Today the JAGDA New Designer Awards and award winners garner much attention among members of both the design and advertising fields.

This year, after a rigorous selection process evaluating 129 eligible candidates, the 24th JAGDA New Designer Awards were presented to Atsuki Kikuchi, Akiko Sekimoto and Kaoru Takai. This exhibition will introduce their winning and recent works, with a focus on posters and small graphics.

Atsuki Kikuchi

Akiko Sekimoto

Kaoru Takai

Atsuki Kikuchi

Born in Tokyo in 1974, Atsuki Kikuchi attended Musashino Art University, majoring in Sculpture. In 2000 he established Bluemark Inc., then in 2011 he founded his own design office. Mr. Kikuchi’s major work to date includes: VI and signage planning for Aomori Museum of Art (2006); art direction for the minä perhonen (1995-2004) and Sally Scott (2002 to date) fashion brands; book design for the magazines “Shun ga marugoto” (2007-2012), “So-en” (2013) and “Nikkei Kairo” (2015-2016); and package design for “Kamenoko Sponge” (2015). Mr. Kikuchi has also published a collection of his works titled “PLAY” (2009). Among his many awards received to date are the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award, Japan Package Design Award Grand Prix, Hiromu Hara Award,ADC Award and JAGDA Award.

Akiko Sekimoto

Art director and graphic designer Akiko Sekimoto is a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School. She is currently employed at DRAFT Inc., where her activities span a broad spectrum including brand launching, branding, advertising, CI, package design and product development. Her major clients include Kanro Inc. and Lawson, Inc. In addition to the JAGDA New Designer Award, Akiko Sekimoto has received a Tokyo ADC Award and the Japan Package Design Awards Grand Prix.

Kaoru Takai

Kaoru Takai is an art director and graphic designer working for SUN-AD Company Limited.

Exhibition Profile
The exhibition will feature the three winners’ award-winning and recent works, with a focus on their posters and small graphics.

Traveling Schedule
Osaka: July 10 (Mon) – July 20 (Thu)
Venue: PAPER VOICE in Shinsaibashi (operated by Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd.)
Address: 2-3-23 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka TEL: 06-6262-0902

Niigata: September 30 (Sat) – October 8 (Sunday)
Venue: Gallery of The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art in Nagaoka
Address: 278-14 Miyazeki-cho Aza-Ikake, Nagaoka, Niigata
TEL: 0258-28-4111

Aichi: January 2007
Venue: Nagoya University of the Arts, Art & Design Center
Address: 65 Nishinuma, Tokushige, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi Pref.
TEL: 0568-24-0325

Awards Ceremony
Date: June 10 (Sat), 2006 at JAGDA’s regular annual general meeting (2006)
Venue: Sunport Takamatsu in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Pref.
The award-winning works will be featured in Graphic Design in Japan 2006, slated for publication in June.

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