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Kabuki Illustrations

  • DATES : Tue. September 3 - Thu. October 3, 2013

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS), and for the organization’s 19th exhibition at Creation Gallery G8 new works were created by TIS members on the theme of “Kabuki.” As a performing art, Kabuki has traditions stretching back 400 years. Thanks to the reopening in 2013 of the totally refurbished Kabuki Theater in Tokyo, along with the recent emergence of a host of highly popular and supremely talented young Kabuki actors, today Kabuki is more popular perhaps than ever. In this respect it is a fitting theme to demonstrate the robust vitality of today’s leading creative artists in the realm of illustration. We eagerly invite visitors to come and enjoy this exciting “festival” – a veritable “Kabuki Wonderland” – depicted by 163 of TIS’s members.