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8 Women

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8 Prejudices or Partialities towards Women Artists

Creative women know that they are bad women. Why? Because creative women are always prevaricating. Even if they were to tell the truth, it would progressively degenerate into a lie – in the case of creative women, that is.
The love of a creative woman is a lie. The happiness of a creative woman is also a lie. Even her unhappiness is a lie. The creative woman frequently takes a stroll, and she sometimes cooks. Such things too are lies from the outset. Sincerity, honesty and kindness are lies also. The creative woman’s truth exists only within what she creates. The creative woman is a person who has made a promise of that sort with something like heaven.
She turns everything into a lie, and then extracts secret gold from her lies and uses it to spin immeasurably beautiful truths.
Yesterday I saw the movie “100 Yen Love.” It was played by a powerfully creative actress, and for some reason I also came away thinking that the era of females has arrived. The active doings of each individual female lead to active doings by all females, which creates solidarity among females, and that surely makes them feel that justice is on their side.


Rika Eguchi (Artist / Art Director)
Creator of the picture book “Pan no osama” [King of Bread] (Shogakkan). Active in diverse fields including advertising, art, products, fashion, etc. In 2011, she was in charge of wardrobe design for top figure skater Daisuke Takahashi. She has won numerous prizes, including the JAGDA New Designer Award, “Hitotsubo Exhibition” Grand Prix, Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award (Excellent Award), D&AD Gold Award, Spikes Asia Gold Award, and 3rd prize in the picture book category as selected by the nation’s bookshops.

Naho Okamoto (SIRI SIRI Jewelry Designer)
She grew up surrounded by art and design – the influence of her father, who was both an architect and abstract painter. While she was a student in the Spatial Design course at Kuwasawa Design School, she became interested in design that is closer to her physical self, causing her to shift to creating jewelry. In 2006 she launched the jewelry brand SIRI SIRI. Using materials from everyday life that tend to be overlooked, she creates a unique realm of highly refined jewelry.

Mitsuru Katsumoto (Artist)
As an artist, he creates a broad array of objets and assemblages from extremely ordinary materials: everyday objects, printed materials, cloth, pelts, old photos, etc. He has held solo exhibitions at Galleria Grafica (Ginza), MA2 Gallery (Ebisu), Yukiko Koide Office (Kanda), etc. Collections of his works include “study in green” and “one day.” He has designed numerous book covers for poetry collections and novels.

Masumi Kawamura (Photographer)
She has a strong interest in relationships with others and creates works from visuals and photos on themes of the universal relationships of “family.” Her major solo exhibitions are “Bird Song” at the Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto: March-May 2015) and “Mirror Portraits” at Shiseido Gallery (Masumi Kawamura Exhibition from the 7th shiseido art egg: Tokyo, March 2013).

Yuko Nagayama (Architect)
Born in Tokyo in 1975. After graduating from Showa Women’s University in 1998, she worked at Jun Aoki & Associates until 2002, when she established Yuko Nagayama & Associates. Her major works include the Louis Vuitton Kyoto Daimaru Store and Kayaba Coffee. She has won, among others, the L’Oreal Art and Science of Color Encouragement Prize, the AR Awards (UK) Highly Commended Prize, and the Architectural Record Design Vanguard 2012 Award (USA).

Ayami Nishimura (Makeup Artist)
After relocating to the UK in 1993, she unexpectedly began working in makeup, establishing a unique style not only colorful and graphical but simultaneously also classical in beauty. She has participated on a regular basis in creating makeup for photo shoots and videos by artists such as Kylie Minogue and M.I.A. In 2012 she published a photo book titled “Ayami Nishimura By Rankin.” She is currently based in New York.

Yumiyo Miyata (Graphic Designer)
Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1973, where she was raised and currently resides. Initially worked for Cross Inc. before going freelance on April 1, 2002. She creates brand images from a graphic perspective, including logomarks, pamphlets and packaging. She has also built up a prolific portfolio in book design and editorial design. She won a JAGDA New Designer Award in 2013 and is currently a member of JAGDA.

Yuko Murata (Artist)
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1973. Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar in 1995, and began her artistic activities in 2002. Working with animal and landscape motifs, she has won acclaim for her unique sense of spacing, resulting in exhibitions of her oil paintings and watercolors in Japan and abroad. Her major commercial works include the CD cover design for Polaris, covers for “Brutus” magazine, and the advertising imagery for Suntory Natural Mineral Water.

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