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Creation Gallery G8 30years Exhibition

  • DATES : Mon. February 1 - Fri. March 18, 2016
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 6:50* p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.
  • * Please note that during this exhibition the gallery will close earlier than usual. Also, when a talk event takes place on Saturday, some exhibits may be unavailable for general viewing.

CREATION GALLERY G8 opened in 1985 as the first gallery dedicated exclusively to graphic design in Ginza, an area of Tokyo already home to dozens of galleries. For 30 years, the gallery has continuously introduced creative artists and their works of all description, with a principal focus on Japanese graphic design. “30 Years, 30 Talks” has been organized as a retrospective exhibition looking back over CREATION GALLERY G8’s 30-year history, with an accompanying series of 30 talk events.
In the three decades since CREATION GALLERY G8 opened, the world and our surrounding environment have changed greatly. By hosting “30 Years, 30 Talks,” the gallery hopes that the numerous design works created and released during those 30 years, coupled with talk events offering glimpses into the multifarious approaches embraced by their featured creative artists, will provide visitors an opportunity to ponder where design and communication will trend forward in the years ahead.

Exhibition: “30 Years”
The gallery will present a retrospective of the many exhibitions that have been held here between 1985 and 2015, together with works of all kinds that were actually on display: posters, book designs, package designs, product designs, etc.

Talk Events: “30 Talks”
During the seven weeks when this exhibition is underway, we have invited 30 individuals with ties to the gallery to lead a talk event with a guest or guests of their choosing. Audiences of up to 40 members can be accommodated at each event, all of which are free of admission charges. Admission will be allowed on a first-come basis using numbered tickets that will be receivable in the gallery starting one hour before the event. Only 1 ticket will be distributed per person.

Talk Event Schedule

No.1 Mon, February 1, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Michihiko Yanai (creative director), Yasuhiro Suzuki (artist)
Title: “Drifting”

Michihiko Yanai
Born in 1964 in Fukushima Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design) in 1990. After initially working at Hakuhodo, Yanai established Kazetorock Inc. in 2003. In 2005 he launched the monthly magazine “Kazetorock.” Yanai’s major works to date include the “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE” campaign for Tower Records, a commercial for Shiseido’s Uno cosmetics line featuring 52 comedians, the “It all starts with Fuji Television” publicity campaign for Fuji Television, and promotions for Recruit’s “Zexy” magazine. Yanai is also a guitarist in the band Inawashirokos, having appeared on NHK’s prestigious “Kohaku Uta Gassen” program on New Years Eve 2011. Since April 2015 Yanai is serving as creative director for Fukushima Prefecture.

Yasuhiro Suzuki
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1979. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, with a concentration in Design, in 2001. Suzuki creates works that reconsider common everyday events from his inimitable approach. He also delves into works for public spaces on a commissioned basis and collaborates with university research institutions and business corporations. In 2010 Suzuki exhibited an 11-meter-long “Zipper-Tab Boat” at the Setouchi International Art Festival. In 2014 he held solo shows at Art Tower Mito (Contemporary Art Gallery) and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. He currently holds two academic positions: as Associate Professor in the Department of Scenography, Space and Fashion Design at Musashino Art University; and Visiting Research Fellow in Assistive Technology (Nakamura Laboratory) at The University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST). In 2014 Suzuki won a Mainichi Design Award. He has published two books: “Blinking and Flapping” and “Neighborhood Globe.” (Gentosha). http://www.mabataki.com/
* Photo by Masako Nakagawa

No.2 Thu, February 4, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Shin Matsunaga (graphic designer), Nobumitsu Oseko (JAGDA Secretary General)
Title: “Ideas within a 3-meter Radius”

Shin Matsunaga
Born in Tokyo in 1940. Graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (now, Tokyo University of the Arts), majoring in Fine Arts, in 1964. Matsunaga’s creative activities center on posters, corporate identity (CI) planning and package design, but also run a broad gamut from drawings to monuments. Among his many awards received to date are a Gold Medal and Jozef Mroszczak Honorary Award at the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Mainichi Design Award, Education Minister’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese Government, and the Yusaku Kamekura Design Award. A large number of Matsunaga’s works are included in the permanent collections of 86 museums all around the world.

Nobumitsu Oseko
Secretary General of the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA). After graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in Graphic Design, Oseko joined Recruit Co., Ltd. He was instrumental in Recruit’s opening of CREATION GALLERY G8 in 1985, and he served as gallery producer until he left Recruit in March 2012. For his gallery activities Oseko received a Mainichi Design Award (Special Prize), Good Design Award and Grand Mecenat Award.

No.3 Fri, February 5, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Keisuke Nagatomo (art director), Sawako Agawa (author / essayist)
Title: ?

Keisuke Nagatomo
Born in Osaka in 1939. In 1964, upon graduating from Kuwasawa Design School Nagatomo joined Nippon Design Center, Inc. In 1969 he established K2 together with Seitaro Kuroda. In addition to editorial design, advertising, corporate identity (CI) and spatial design art direction, Nagatomo has also created illustrations for numerous works of fiction and penned many serial essays.

Sawako Agawa
Best-selling writer and essayist born in Tokyo. Graduated from Keio University (Faculty of Letters). Agawa initially served as a TV newscaster on several highly popular news programs, but subsequently expanded her activities beyond television to also include writing and interviewing. In 1999 her book “Aa ieba kou kuu” (Eat a Comeback for Everything), co-authored with Fumi Dan, won the 15th Kodansha Essay Prize; in 2000 her “Umeko” received the 15th Tsubota Joji Literary Prize; in 2008 her “Konyaku no ato de” (After the Engagement) garnered the Shimase Romantic Literature Prize; and in 2014 she received the 62nd Kikuchi Kan Prize. Agawa currently hosts her own weekly TV interview program.

No.4 Sat, February 13, 2016 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Participants: Yumiyo Miyata (graphic designer), Yoshie Watanabe (art director / designer)
Title: “Design Born from One’s Self”

Yumiyo Miyata
Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1973, where she continues to reside. After initially working for Cross Inc., Miyata went freelance in 2002. She is currently president of STRIDE.

Yoshie Watanabe
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1961. Graduated from Yamaguchi University. After initially working at DRAFT, in 2012 Watanabe established KIGI together with Ryosuke Uehara. Watanabe’s scope of artistic activities is remarkably broad, encompassing art direction for corporate and fashion brands, select shops, etc., as well as textile, package and product design, with a focus on graphics, all created to reflect her unique worldview.

No.5 Mon, February 15, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Ryoji Tanaka (web designer / head designer of Semitransparent Design), exonemo (artist unit)
Title: “What Happened after That”

Ryoji Tanaka
Graduated from Doshisha University (Faculty of Engineering) and the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. While maintaining a focus on web design, Tanaka is active in a broad array of media – spanning from corporate branding and ad planning and production, to exhibitions of his works at art museums and galleries both at home and abroad. Within recent memory, he planned the “Illuminating Graphics” show at CREATION GALLERY G8 and mounted the “Transparent Design: Boring/Bored” exhibition at ggg.

This artist unit, through mastery of anger, laughter and text editor, delves into a variety of media with a feeling akin to hacking. Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa launched their activities on the web in 1996, and since 2000 they have expanded into illustration, live performance, event production, community organizing, etc. Flexibly traversing the digital and analog realms, the realm of networks and the real world, they lay bare the connections between technology and user, engaging in numerous experimental projects approached with wit and new perspectives. They are active in exhibitions and festivals both in Japan and overseas. In 2006 exonemo received the Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the Net Vision category for “The Road Movie.” In 2010 their “ANTIBOT T-SHIRTS” won the RGB Prize at the Tokyo TDC Awards. Since 2012 exonemo have been organizing IDPW’s gatherings, and they produced the “Internet Black Market.” Since 2015 they are based in New York as members of NEW INC, an incubator led by the New Museum.

No.6 Tue, February 16, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Katsumi Asaba (art director), Shoji Usuda (design journalist)
Title: “Assimilation of Design”

Katsumi Asaba
Born in 1940. After working at Light Publicity, he founded Katsumi Asaba Design Studio in 1975. Asaba has created numerous ads for Suntory, Seibu Department Stores, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Kirin Beverage, Misawa Homes, etc. He is a member of the Tokyo Art Directors Club, chairman of the Tokyo Type Directors Club, president of JAGDA, chairman of the Design Association, president of Kuwasawa Design School, and Japan representative in Allliance Graphique Internationale. He won a Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction for the film “Sharaku” and is recipient of a Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese Government. In 2008 Asaba held the exhibition “Whispered Prayers” at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, and his diaries displayed at that show received Grand Prize from the Tokyo ADC. He holds a 6th rank (dan) of proficiency in table tennis.

Shoji Usuda
Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1943. Graduated from Waseda University (Faculty of Letters). Former editor-in-chief of “Design” magazine (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha), today Usuda is active as an editor and writer in the fields of writing system culture, graphic design and the history of contemporary book design, with numerous works published to date.

No.7 Thu, February 18, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: TORAFU ARCHITECTS, Kenjiro Hosaka (curator of National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
Title: “Exhibition Layout and Curation”

Founded in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, TORAFU ARCHITECTS employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Their works span a diverse range including architectural design, shop interior design, exhibition space design, product design, spatial installations and film making. Among their major works to date are “TEMPLATE IN CLASKA,” “NIKE 1LOVE,” “HOUSE IN KOHOKU,” “airvase,” and “Gulliver Table.” Their “Light Loom” was awarded the Grand Prize of the Elita Design Awards at Canon Milano Salone 2011. Their publications (in Japanese) include “airvase book” (2011), “TORAFU ARCHITECTS 2004-2011 Idea + Process” (2011) and a picture book titled “TORAFU’s Small City Planning” (2012).

Kenjiro Hosaka
Curator of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT). Born in 1976, Hosaka completed a Master’s Degree at Keio University in 2000. He has curated many exhibitions at MOMAT, including “Architectural Creation: Peter Märkli and Jun Aoki” (2008), “Emotional Drawing” (2008), “Where is Architecture? Seven Installations by Japanese Architects” (2010), “Francis Bacon” (2013), and “Takamatsu Jiro: Mysteries” (2014). He has also curated for institutions overseas: for example, “Logical Emotion: Contemporary Art from Japan” at Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich. Hosaka is a prolific writer of serialized articles and critiques; he co-authored “JUN AOKI COMPLETE WORKS 1 1991-2006” (INAX Publishing: 2006), and he served as editorial supervisor for “Art Brut Art Japan” (Heibonsha: 2013). Hosaka currently teaches part-time at Tokyo University of the Arts and Kyushu University.

No.8 Fri, February 19, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Akira Uno (illustrator), Nobumitsu Oseko (Secretary General of JAGDA)
Title: “Illustration and the Theater (from Flyers to Stage Sets and Production)”

Akira Uno
Born in Nagoya in 1934, Uno is a blood type B Pisces. He graduated from the Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School with a concentration in Design. After working at Nippon Design Center and Studio Ilfil, he went freelance. His numerous awards include the Japan Advertising Artists Club (JAAC) Special Distinction Award, JAAC Members Award, Tokyo Illustrators Club Award, Kodansha Publishing Culture Award, Japan Advertising Awards Yamana Prize, and the Yomiuri Theater Awards Selection Committee Special Award. Uno is a member of the Tokyo Illustrators Society.

Nobumitsu Oseko
Secretary General of the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA). After graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in Graphic Design, Oseko joined Recruit Co., Ltd. He was instrumental in Recruit’s opening of CREATION GALLERY G8 in 1985, and he served as gallery producer until he left Recruit in March 2012. For his gallery activities he received a Mainichi Design Award (Special Prize), Good Design Award and Grand Mecenat Award.

No.9 Mon, February 22, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Daijiro Ohara (graphic designer), Shuta Hasunuma (musician)
Title: “Curves and Lines”

Daijiro Ohara
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1978. Graduated from Musashino Art University, with a concentration in Science of Design, in 2003. That same year, Ohara established Omomma. In addition to his regular design work and video production, through exhibitions, workshops, performance, etc., he undertakes numerous projects probing new perceptions in language and the written word. In 2014 he received a JAGDA New Designer Award and Tokyo TDC Award. http://omomma.in/

Shuta Hasunuma
Born in Tokyo in 1983. In addition to releasing recordings of his music works and giving concerts in Japan and overseas by his own Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra, Hasunuma engages in a broad palette of creative activities in areas including film, performing arts, dance, and musical production. In recent years he has applied the methodology of musical composition to a variety of media, releasing works in video, sound, 3D design and installations, and delving actively into projects and solo exhibitions. Hasunuma’s latest album is “Melodies” (2016) and his newest theater piece is “TIME” (KAAT: Kanagawa Arts Theatre). He presides over a concert series, “Music Today,” of his own planning and organization. In 2014 Hasunuma resided in New York for six months at the invitation of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC). Among his most prominent solo exhibitions to date are “compositions: space, time and architecture” (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, 2015) and “have a go at flying from music part 3” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Bloomberg Pavilion, 2012). www.shutahasunuma.com

No.10 Tue, February 23, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Ryosuke Uehara (art director), Teruhiro Yanagihara (designer)
Title: “Working with the Production Center ‘1616 / arita japan’ and ‘KIKOF’ Today and Tomorrow”

Ryosuke Uehara
Creative director and art director, president of KIGI Co., Ltd. After working at DRAFT Co., Ltd. for 15 years, Uehara established KIGI together with Yoshie Watanabe. He engages in a broad spectrum of design activities, including branding, graphics, products, spatial design, web design and video. He serves as art director of DRAFT’s “D-BROS” product brand. In summer 2014 KIGI launched the KIKOF brand of ceramics, furniture and other original products in collaboration with artisans of traditional Japanese crafts located around Lake Biwa, in Shiga Prefecture; for this work, in 2015 KIGI received the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix. Uehara also is constantly probing and creating new ways of creative expression, applying his boundless ideas and brilliant design skills to genres of all kinds as he simultaneously mounts exhibitions and pursues experimental works. Among the many awards Uehara has received to date are the Tokyo TDC Award, JAGDA Award, Tokyo ADC Members Award, New York ADC Gold Prize, ONE SHOW DESIGN Gold Prize, and the 11th Yusaku Kamekura Design Award. In July 2015 he opened OUR FAVOURITE SHOP in the Shirokane area of Tokyo as a showroom offering KIKOF products and other goods designed by KIGI, and also incorporating a gallery. In 2016 he simultaneously published three volumes of “KIGI_M” (Little More), a magazine to continue on an irregular basis. www.ki-gi.com www.kikof.jp www.ofs.tokyo

Teruhiro Yanagihara
Born in 1976. In 2002 Yanagihara established his own design company engaging in projects that freely cross national borders, cultures, and conventional genre boundaries. He is serving as creative director and designer of “2016/” – a project celebrating the 400th anniversary of Arita porcelain. Yanagihara’s major creative work to date has been performed for clients including OFFECCT (Sweden), PALLUCCO (Italy), Sergio Rossi (Italy), KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD (Japan), 1616/arita japan (Japan) and TYP (Japan). His “STOOLS” and “PILE” series from KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD are included in the permanent collection of Fonds national d’art contemporain (FNAC) in Paris.

No.11 Thu, February 25, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Yoshiaki Irobe (graphic designer), Isao Suzuki (type director)
Title: “From 1 Letter to 10,000”

Yoshiaki Irobe
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1974. Completed a Master’s Degree at Tokyo University of the Arts. Presides over the Irobe Design Institute within Nippon Design Center (NDC). Applying superlative graphic design techniques with a sharp editorial perspective, Irobe undertakes design work across a broad spectrum, from standard graphics to spatial design. His major works to date include: VI and signage planning for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, art direction for the Takeo Paper Show 2011 (“Books”), and package design for Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. Irobe is currently probing how to enhance the functionality and quality of information design in public spaces through projects such as the Ginza Navigation Tags System and TOKYO PROJECT.

Isao Suzuki
Born in Nagoya in 1967. President of Type Project Inc. Among the next-generation fonts Suzuki has developed are the AXIS Font and TP Mincho families. In 2009 Suzuki launched cityfont.com, through which he released the Kinshachi font. In 2015 he began a “fit font” service enabling minor adjustments in weight, width, contrast, etc. to the AXIS Font and TP Mincho.

No.12 Fri, February 26, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Taku Satoh (graphic designer), Shinichi Takemura (cultural anthropologist)
“More than flowers blooming on a withered tree, be surprised at seeing flowers bloom on a living tree.”

Taku Satoh
Graphic designer, CEO of Taku Satoh Design Office Inc. Satoh graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Design Course in 1979 and its Graduate School of Formation Design in 1981. After initially working at Dentsu, in 1984 he established Taku Satoh Design Office. Starting from commercial development of “Nikka Pure Malt,” Satoh went on to produce product designs for Lotte’s Xylitol chewing gum and Meiji Dairies’ “Oishii Gyunyu” milk, graphic designs for PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, and logos for the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, and the National High School Baseball Championship. Satoh’s creative activities are remarkably varied, spanning from art direction of a children’s language program on NHK, to overall art direction for the “Design Ah!” exhibition, to serving as a director at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT. He has authored or co-authored a number of works, including “JOMONESE” (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha) and “Maana-Mikan” (Heibonsha).

Shinichi Takemura
Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Director of Earth Literacy Program. While proposing “new anthropology” for the global age, Takemura undertakes unique initiatives applying IT to address global environmental issues. He has planned and produced “Tangible Earth” (winner of the 2005 Good Design Gold Award and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence at the 2013 Kids Design Awards), “Candle Night for 1 Million People,” “Water” and “KOME: The Art of Rice” (21_21 DESIGN SIGHT). In February 2014 Takemura opened the Tangible Earth Museum in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he was appointed to the Japanese Government’s Reconstruction Design Council; and since 2012, at the request of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), he has served as Information Design Adviser for the “Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction.” Takemura planned and supervised displays in the Japan Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. He has appeared regularly on a number of J-WAVE radio programs, including “Global Sensor” (2009-2011) and, since October 2015, as host of “Earth Talk.” Takemura is also a prolific writer, his publications (all in Japanese) including “Chikyu no mesen,” “Cosmic Tree”, “Grand Design for 22nd Century,” “Chikyu o kiku” (discussions with Ryuichi Sakamoto) and “Shin tanso kakumei.” “Cosmic Tree” has been cited in high school Japanese-language textbooks. Shinichi Takemura Project Site: http://earth-museum.jp

No.13 Sat, February 27, 2016 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Participants: Manabu Mizuno (creative director / CEO and founder of good design company / Guest Associate Professor at Keio University), Keita Suzuki (product designer / CEO and founder of PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER), Yusuke Yonetsu (CEO of THE Co., Ltd.)
Title: “Misconceptions about Design”

Manabu Mizuno
Born in Tokyo in 1972. Graduated from Tama Art University in 1996 with a degree in Graphic Design. Established good design company in 1998. Mizuno performs all aspects of direction, from brand development to logo design, product planning, packaging design, interior design, advertising and consulting. His major works to date include: NTT DoCoMo’s “iD”; CI for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; “Kumamon,” the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture; Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten; Kubara Honke; Kowa Co.’s “Tenerita” and “FLANDERS LINEN PREMIUM”; Kuroki Honten; “TOKYO SMART DRIVER,” a project to reduce accidents on the Shuto Expressway; “Tokyo Midtown”; etc. His publications include “Sensu wa chishiki kara hajimaru” (Sense Begins with Knowledge) (Asahi Shimbun Publications).

Keita Suzuki
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1982. From an early age, Suzuki began producing creatively under the influence of his grandfather, who was a collector of antiques. After graduating from Tama Art University in 2006, he initially worked at NEC Design and Iwasaki Design Studio before launching PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER and THE in 2012. While focusing on product design, Suzuki comprehensively performs everything from planning to engineering, and he has been involved in diverse projects both in Japan and abroad, including home appliances, furniture, daily goods and art. In 2015 Suzuki participated in the 9th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne in France.
* Photo by Taro Hirano

Yusuke Yonetsu
Born in Tokyo in 1980. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University with a degree in Product Design, Yonetsu worked for PLUS Corporation engaged mainly in planning, developing and marketing stationery implements. In 2012 he joined THE placed in charge of overall product management and business planning, including product development, logistics planning, production management and quality control, a position requiring visits to manufacturers all over Japan. After serving as THE’s vice president, Yonetsu was promoted to CEO in March 2015. Yonetsu is the recipient of an iF Design Award (PLUS), Red Dot Award (PLUS) and an LIA (London International Awards) Gold Award in 2015. He has also been recognized on numerous occasions for his achievements in product development, including hit product rankings in the publications “Nikkei TRENDY” and “Nikkei Marketing Journal.”

No.14 Mon, February 29, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Masayoshi Nakajo (graphic designer), Sakiko Isayama (JAGDA Secretariat)
Title: “Hurry! There’s no time.”

Masayoshi Nakajo
Born in Tokyo in 1933. In 1956, after graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music (now, Tokyo University of the Arts), where he majored in Design, Nakajo joined the advertising department at Shiseido. Later he moved to Deska until 1961, when he established Nakajo Design Office. Nakajo’s major work includes: art direction and design for Shiseido’s “Hanatsubaki” magazine (more than four decades) and for The Ginza “Tactics Design”; packaging design for Shiseido Parlour; logo and signage planning for the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building; corporate identity (CI) planning for Matsuya Ginza, Spiral, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and Hosomi Museum; and cover illustrations for “Kurashi no Techo” magazine.

Sakiko Isayama
Born in Tokyo in 1968. After graduating from Rikkyo University’s College of Arts, Isayama joined the secretariat of the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA). She is primarily responsible for production management of the yearbook “Graphic Design in Japan” and oversight of exhibitions of works featured in that annual, of works by winners of the Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, and of works by winners of the JAGDA New Designer Awards. Isayama also manages JAGDA’s local operations in regions all around Japan.

No.15 Tue, March 1, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Wabisabi (design unit), Hibiki Tokiwa (photographer / designer)
Title: “This is recommuni-jacation!”

“Wabisabi” is a design unit consisting of Ryohei “Wabi” Kudo and Kazushi “Sabi” Nakanishi. Formed in 1999 and based in Sapporo, Wabisabi undertake diverse creative activities spanning from advertising, graphic design and video to interior design, fashion and music. They are members of Deza-in inc., a company presided over by Wabi, and steering committee members of JAGDA and the Sapporo Art Directors Club (SACD). Their long list of awards received to date includes: New York ADC Awards (Silver, Merit), International Poster Triennial in Toyama (Gold), Taipei International Poster Festival (Bronze), International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont, Lahti Poster Biennale, D&AD Face to Watch, JAGDA New Designer Award and JAGDA Award, and Tokyo Midtown Award.

Hibiki Tokiwa
Born in Tokyo in 1966. Starting in the mid-1980s, Tokiwa began activities as a writer and illustrator, mostly for magazines, while also playing in a music band. In the 1990s, he was approached by Yann Tomita to design the cover for the Astro Age Steel Orchestra’s “Happy Living” album, which marked a start for Tokiwa as a designer, particularly of CD jackets. In 1997 Kazushige Abe, a longtime friend, asked Tokiwa to design his book titled “Individual Projection”; to do so, Tokiwa purchased a camera and began taking photographs, an event that then launched him into a new career as a photographer. Tokiwa’s photos quickly became popular for their unconventional style detached from pre-existing conceptions.

No.16 Wed, March 2, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Ayumi Ohashi (illustrator), Kouichi Uchida (ceramic artist / sculptor)
Title: “Doing the job we want to do”

Ayumi Ohashi
Born in Mie Prefecture in 1940. Graduated from Tama Art University, where she concentrated in Oil Painting. Ohashi created the cover illustrations of “Heibon Punch” magazine for seven and a half years, starting from its inaugural issue in 1964. Subsequently her career expanded to advertising, magazine work, etc. In 2002 she launched her own quarterly magazine, “Arne.” Since autumn 2010 Ohashi has been making and selling a line of clothing (“a.”) for adults. She is also a prolific writer of books and essays on fashion and everyday living.

Kouichi Uchida
Born in Nagoya in 1969. After completing the ceramic art program at Aichi Prefectural Seto Pottery Senior High School, Uchida traveled worldwide – to Europe, Southeast Asia, West Africa, South America, etc. – and studied the traditional kilns, pottery and earthenware of each region, He also learned how kilns are structured, constructed and fired, and how to prepare raw materials (clay, etc.), molds, etc. In 1992 Uchida relocated to Yokkaichi, in Mie Prefecture, and started working as an independent artist. Outside Japan, he has created and shown his works in Spain, the U.K., Italy, Australia, the U.S., Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, West Africa and South America.

No.17 Fri, March 4, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Kaoru Kasai (art director), Toshio Nakagawa (composer / pianist), Hidefumi Watanabe (producer of music used in commercials)
Title: “All things start out small”

Kaoru Kasai
Born in Hokkaido in 1949. Employed at SUN-AD Company Limited. Kasai’s creative activities span a broad spectrum including: art direction, over many years, for products such as Suntory Oolong Tea, United Arrows, and Toraya Confectionery; CI and signage planning; cinema and theater advertising art; book design; etc.

Toshio Nakagawa
Born in Tokyo on June 4, 1958. Graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music, where he majored in Composition and later completed graduate studies as well. As a young boy who secretly placed his ear directly on railway tracks and listened to the sound of their vibrations, Nakagawa discovered his true self at the age of 4 and began to develop his peerless talents. In his primary school days he was influenced by the noise music of John Cage and others, and a piano sonata he presented to his teacher as a 10-year-old was already a fully accomplished piece in terms of both scoring and performance. After entering junior high school, Nakagawa studied under Akira Miyoshi and began his composition activities in earnest. Simultaneously he studied the piano under Katsuyo Suemitsu and Yoko Moriyasu. In 1982 he won first prize at the International Composition Competition held as part of Music Today, a festival planned and organized by Toru Takemitsu, for a performance of his own original work. In 1986 Nakagawa made his debut in commercials, and in 1988 he won the Muramatsu Prize. Through the years he has composed, and received awards for, many outstanding compositions presented in the Commercial Music Competition organized by the Japan Advertising Music Productions Federation (JAM). Today Nakagawa is one of Japan’s foremost melody makers, a prolific composer of numerous music pieces for commercials, videos and music artists.

Hidefumi Watanabe
Born in Tokyo in 1960. In 1983, while still a student in the Fine Arts Department of Nihon University, Watanabe began producing music for commercials at Mr. Music, Inc. In 1990 music (“Kakin Ondo”) he composed for use in Recruit Co.’s “From A” commercials became a nationwide hit, and the album he produced for its performer (Kikusuimaru Kawachiya) also scored a major hit. In 1992 Watanabe received an ACC (Allied CM Council) award for Most Outstanding Commercial Music and the Fuji Sankei Advertising Grand Prix, both for his music for Suntory Oolong Tea advertising. Subsequently Watanabe scored hits with his work for Pepsi-Cola, Kewpie, NTT DoCoMo, CocaCola (Japan), etc., leading to his producing music for over 200 commercials in a year. Starting in 1992, for eight consecutive years Watanabe received the Best Producer Award from the Japan Advertising Music Productions Federation (JAM). He has won ACC Grand Prix awards for his work for Kewpie and Coca-Cola (Japan). In 2015 Watanabe became the first music creator to win an award from the Tokyo Art Directors Club. He is the only producer and engineer in the advertising world to participate in the BPM label – a pioneering force in Japan’s hiphop movement – and Chikada Haruo & Vibrastone. In recent years Watanabe has produced music for numerous serial commercials: for Suntory, Kewpie, NTT DoCoMo, Daiwa House, etc.

No.18 Sat, March 5, 2016 1:30 – 2.30 p.m.
Participants: Kazumasa Nagai (graphic designer), Hitomi Sago (art director / designer)
Title: “Design and Life”

Kazumasa Nagai
Born in Osaka in 1929. In 1960, Nagai participated in Nippon Design Center upon its founding. Starting in 1966, he has won a long list of awards, including Gold Prize at the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Grand Prix at the International Poster Biennale in Graphic Design Brno, Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prix, Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, Katsumie Masaru Award, Mainichi Design Award, Mainichi Art Award, and three distinctions from the Japanese Government: the Education Minister’s Art Encouragement Prize, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, and Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

Hitomi Sago
Graduated from National University of Fine Arts and Music (now, Tokyo University of the Arts). After tenures at Parco and Chameleon, established Hitomi Sago Design Office Inc. in 1988. Sago is active in a broad range of areas, with the aims of creating new values and resolving problems through communication design. She is also involved in many projects targeting vitalization of local industries: two examples are her branding work for “enn,” a brand of “Japanesque” kitchen and tableware appealing to global tastes, based in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture; and “coconca,” a new brand of sweets developed with Fujiiya, a confectionery of long standing based in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Sago’s major awards received to date include the New York ADC Silver Prize, JAGDA New Designer Award, Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) Special Judges Award, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Award at the All Japan Calendar Competition.

No.19 Sat, March 5, 2016 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Participants: Norio Nakamura (art director / graphic designer), Shinsuke Yoshitake (illustrator / author of children’s books)
Title: “People don’t change much”

Norio Nakamura
Graduated from the College of Art of Nihon University. Initially worked at Sony Music Entertainment before going freelance. Nakamura’s major works to date include graphics for his solo show “Measuring: This much, That much, How Much?” at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT; PlayStation “I.Q.” video game; graphics for the art unit Maywa Denki; “Kokoku Hihyo” advertising critique magazine; “Moved-ID” mobile phone website; and “Tetopetenson” film for NHK. Nakamura has published a number of books on advertising and ad design, and two picture books (“A Scientist and His Amazing Pool” and “Dottoko Zoo”). Among his awards received to date are a New York ADC Silver Prize, Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival (Agency for Cultural Affairs), and a Bologna Ragazzi Award.

Shinsuke Yoshitake
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1973. Completed the Master’s Program in Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba. Yoshitake produces works of great diversity, including collections of sketches depicting incidental aspects of everyday life from unique angles, book illustrations, pictorial insertions, illustrated essays, etc. He is also the author of numerous picture books for children. Yoshitake received the 6th MOE Picture Book Grand Prize and 61st Sankei Juvenile Literature Publishing Culture Award in Art for his picture book “It Might be an Apple” and the 8th MOE Picture Book Grand Prize for “Riyuu ga arimasu” (There is a Reason).

No.20 Mon, March 7, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Makoto Wada (graphic designer / illustrator), Shinbou Minami (illustrator / book designer / essayist)
Title: “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

Makoto Wada
Born in 1936. Graduated from Tama Art University. Wada has authored any number of books in Japanese, including the series “You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet.” He has also directed four films, including “Mahjong horoki” and “Round About Midnight.”

Shinbou Minami
Born in Tokyo in 1947. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School, where he studied Design. Minami completed two workshops at Bigakko: a course in Design taught by Tsunehisa Kimura and a Lettering workshop by Genpei Akasegawa. He served as editor-in-chief of “Garo” magazine before going freelance. Minami has authored numerous works.

No.21 Tue, March 8, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Rika Eguchi (artist / art director), Makoto Tanijiri (architect / CEO and founder of SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE)
Title: “What everybody knows, and doesn’t know”

Rika Eguchi
While working as an art director, Eguchi also releases works as an artist both in Japan and abroad. She is active in diverse fields including advertising, art, products, etc.; and she has also created the picture book “Pan no osama” (King of Bread), performed wardrobe design for figure skater Daisuke Takahashi, etc. Her major works to date include: design work for the global brand KOE and for Benesse’s “Kodomo Challenge Baby” teaching materials; and artwork for Softbank’s “PANTONE6,” “TBS6chen,” Parco, Laforet, “Yuka Photogravure,” AKB48, Chara, Kaela Kimura, etc. Eguchi has won numerous prizes, including the D&AD Gold Award, Spikes Asia Gold Award, Good Design Award, Kids Design Award, JAGDA New Designer Award, “Hitotsubo Exhibition” Grand Prix, and Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art (Outstanding Award).

Makoto Tanijiri
Born in 1974 in Hiroshima. Established the architectural design firm SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE in 2000. Tanijiri undertakes a broad scope of work encompassing residences, commercial spaces, layout, landscaping, products, art installations, etc. Based in both Hiroshima and Tokyo, he and his co-representative Ai Yoshida engage in numerous projects in Japan and overseas, ranging from interior design to housing and multi-purpose facilities. Tanijiri also serves as Visiting Professor at Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Associate Professor at Osaka University of Arts, and part-time lecturer at Anabuki Design College and Musashino Art University. His recent work includes the Mazda showroom in Himonya (Meguro, Tokyo), House in Anjo, and Book and Bed Tokyo. Tanijiri has also published several books: “Dandanmousou” and “1000% Architecture.”

No.22 Wed, March 9, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Koichi Kosugi (art director), Naoki Ono (designer)
Title: “Design’s Domain”

Koichi Kosugi
Graduated from Musashino Art University. Kosugi’s major works include: ads for Kirin (“Ichiban Shibori” beer), Shiseido (“50 selfies of Lady Gaga”), ZUCCa, and Suzuki Motor (Hustler); art direction of “Takehiko Inoue interprets Gaudi’s Universe” exhibition; and Zoff brand advertising (Zoff SMART), Tsutaya’s “OTONA TSUTAYA,” Parco (Parco Grand Bazar: PARCO, ALA?!), J-WAVE, Musashino Art University web design, Tokyo International Film Festival, etc. Kosugi has won numerous awards both at home and abroad, including: Tokyo ADC Award, JAGDA New Designer Award, New York ADC Award, Gold Prize in Design category at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, D&AD Award, ONE SHOW Award, ACC Award, Transit Advertising Award, Asahi Newspaper Advertising Award, Galaxy Award, ADFEST Grand Prix, AD STARS Grand Prix, Fujisankei Communications Group Advertising Award, Interactive Design Award, ADFEST LOTUS ROOTS, Spikes Asia, etc.

Naoki Ono
President of YOY design studio. Ono designs furniture, lighting and interior furnishings on the theme of the “space” between space and objects. Since 2012, he has shown works for four straight years at Satellite Salone in Milan. His works are on sale worldwide, including MoMA. Among the many awards Ono has received in Japan and overseas to date are ELLE DÉCOR Japan’s Young Japanese Design Talent Award, SDA Award (First Prize), Asia Pacific Interior Design Award (Silver Prize), Salone Satellite Award (Special Mention), and Designreport Award (Special Mention). Since 2015 Ono has been teaching part-time at Musashino Art University. In April 2016 he will hold a solo exhibition in Milan. http://yoy-idea.jp/

No.23 Thu, March 10, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Mike Abelson (designer at POSTALCO), Umitaro Abe (composer)
Title: “Swimming in a puddle”

Mike Abelson
Born in Los Angeles, California. Leaving that city so dependent on cars, Abelson moved to New York, where he was charmed by the sight of people carrying their loads. In 2007 he held “Carrying Research,” an exhibition sponsored by The Miyake Issey Foundation. Using POSTALCO as his creative platform, Abelson designs for publications and corporations. http://postalco.net

Umitaro Abe
Born in 1978. From childhood, Abe learned to play a variety of musical instruments including the piano, violin and taiko drum, and also began composing music through self-study. He majored in Musicology at Tokyo University of the Arts and Université Paris 8. Abe has won acclaim for his free approach to instrument ensembles, widely appealing melodies, and his unique and intellectual musical world at times even incorporating field recording. He has composed for numerous stage productions, including pieces directed by Yukio Ninagawa, as well as for television and films. Three of his compositions are currently featured as the theme music of TV programs. To date Abe has released five CD albums. www.umitaroabe.com
* Photo by Ryo Mitamura

No.24 Fri, March 11, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Atsuki Kikuchi (art director), Jujiro Maki (graphic designer)
Title: “Graphic design’s fracture, and what happened after that”

Atsuki Kikuchi
Born in Tokyo in 1974. Attended Musashino Art University with a concentration in Sculpture. In 2000 Kikuchi established Bluemark Inc. In 2011, that company was disbanded and he founded Atsuki Kikuchi Ltd. Kikuchi’s major work includes brand planning, logo design, signage planning and editorial design, with a strong emphasis on art and fashion. Kikuchi also serves as president of BOOK PEAK, an alternative book label specialized in the publication of art books. He has also released a collection of his works titled “PLAY” (Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing).

Jujiro Maki
Born in 1985. Maki’s work spans a wide range, including: publicity materials for The National Museum of Art, Okutama; CD jackets for Tavito Nanao and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC; publicity materials for live performances by Jim O’Rourke and Shuta Hasunuma; book design for Chikumashobo; editorial design for “IDEA” magazine; pamphlets for Koki Tanaka; merchandise for “Hoseki no kuni” manga; app design for “Chikyukun” (SmartNews); etc. http://makijujiro.com/

No.25 Sat, March 12, 2016 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Participants: Yui Takada (art director / graphic designer), Fumio Tachibana (artist / graphic designer)
Title: “The Opposite Side”

Yui Takada
Born in Tokyo in 1980. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. Takada established ALL RIGHT GRAPHICS in 2006, founded ALL RIGHT PRINTING in 2007, and participated in the establishment of PAPIER LABO also in 2007. Since 2013 he is an Assistant Professor at Tokyo Zokei University.

Fumio Tachibana
Born in Hiroshima in 1968. Using typography, paper and books as his materials and themes, Tachibana creates works for dissemination worldwide. Since 2007 he has published six volumes of “Kyutai.” He has also published “Katachi no mikata” (How to Look at Forms), a compendium of the content of his classes in visual design taught at Joshibi University of Art and Design. Tachibana plans to publish a collection of his works this spring.

No.26 Mon, March 14, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Kazunari Hattori (graphic designer / art director), Atsuki Kikuchi (art director)
Title: “Stimulus”

Kazunari Hattori
Born in Tokyo in 1964. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (now, Tokyo University of the Arts) with a degree in Design. Hattori went freelance after initially working for Light Publicity. His major works to date include advertising for Kewpie Corporation; art direction for the magazines “Ryuko Tsushin,” “here and there” and “Mayonaka”; logotype design for Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo; graphic design for the “Questioning the Concept of Fashion” exhibition; and book design of “For a Language to Come,” a collection of photographs by Takuma Nakahira. Hattori has also published a collection of his own works titled “Kazunari Hattori Graphics.”

Atsuki Kikuchi
Born in Tokyo in 1974. Attended Musashino Art University with a concentration in Sculpture. In 2000 Kikuchi established Bluemark Inc. In 2011, that company was disbanded and he founded Atsuki Kikuchi Ltd. Kikuchi’s major work includes brand planning, logo design, signage planning and editorial design, with a strong emphasis on art and fashion. Kikuchi also serves as president of BOOK PEAK, an alternative book label specialized in the publication of art books. He has also released a collection of his works titled “PLAY” (Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing).

No.27 Tue, March 15, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Yoshihisa Tanaka (graphic designer / co-founder of Nerhol), Yutaka Kikutake (gallerist / editor)
Title: “Rappa and Happa”

Yoshihisa Tanaka
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1980. Graduated from Musashino Art University in 2004. Tanaka’s work scope encompasses VI planning of art museums and commercial galleries, book design of collections of artists’ works, and graphic design. Recently, in 2014 his works were selected among “The Best Photobooks” by TIME Magazine, “Best Books of 2014” by photo eye, and “The 2014 PhotoBook Award Finalist” by the Aperture Foundation. Tanaka has received the following major awards: Foam Talent Award (Netherlands), JAGDA Award and New Designer Award, Bacon Prize, and red dot award (Germany). He is also active in the artist unit Nerhol together with sculptor Ryuta Iida. http://nerhol.com

Yutaka Kikutake
Born in 1982. Graduated from the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences of Waseda University. While working at Taka Ishii Gallery, in 2012 Kikutake launched, planned and edited “Kyoku,” an arts critique magazine; in 2014 he similarly started “chic,” a magazine about everyday life culture. In 2015 Kikutake opened YKG / Yutaka Kikutake Gallery in Roppongi, where he serves as Director.

No.28 Wed, March 16, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Issay Kitagawa (president and principal designer at GRAPH), Yoshiyuki Kawazoe (architect, Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo)
Title: “4D Design”

Issay Kitagawa
In 2001 Kitagawa was introduced in the book “NEW BLOOD” (Rikuyo-Sha Publishing) as one of twenty of today’s most influential Japanese artists in the spheres of architecture, art, design and fashion. The same year he was selected to membership in Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). In 2004 a large number of Kitagawa’s works were included in the permanent collection of Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF). In 2005 he was invited to serve as special guest speaker at the Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town. In 2008 Kitagawa showed his works at the Frieze Art Fair in London, and in 2011 his works were included in the “Tokyo Graphic Passport” exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris. In 2015 he created the naming, logo and total branding for Henn na Hotel. Kitagawa has often served as a judge for design competitions and awards both in Japan and abroad, and he often performs as a guest speaker and appears on TV. Among the numerous awards he has received to date are a TDC Award, JAGDA New Designer Award and JAGDA Award.

Yoshiyuki Kawazoe
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1979. Graduated from The University of Tokyo with a degree in Architecture. Kawazoe currently presides over the Kawazoe Laboratory at that university, and is director of the Yoshiyuki Kawazoe Institute of Urban and Architectural Design. He holds a doctoral degree in Engineering, and is president of the Japan and Netherlands Architecture Cultural Association (JNACA). Kawazoe’s representative works include Huis Ten Bosch Smart House, I-REF Building at The University of Tokyo, and Henn na Hotel. He has also authored a number of books on architectural design, and received the Architectural Institute of Japan’s Selected Architectural Designs Young Architects Award and the Good Design “Design for the Future” Award.

No.29 Thu, March 17, 2016 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Participants: Kenya Hara (designer), Haruka Misawa (designer)
Title: “What we’re beginning to see, now”

Kenya Hara
Born in 1958. Taking design to be universal knowledge stored up by society, Hara proposes and carries out a diverse array of design plans centering on communication. He is president of Nippon Design Center and a professor at Musashino Art University. His creative work spans a wide spectrum, including art direction for MUJI, VI for Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, and package design for HOUSE VISION, Raku-Raku Smart Phone and Pierre Herme. In recognition of his multitude of activities, Hara has received many design awards in Japan and around the world. Two of his publications – “Designing Design,” which received the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities, and “White” – have been translated into numerous languages.

Haruka Misawa
Graduated from Musashino Art University, with a degree in Interior Design, in 2005. After initially working at the nendo design office, starting in 2009 Misawa joined the Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center. Since July 2014 she has undertaken her design activities as the “Misawa Design Institute.” Misawa’s design work extends into a variety of fields, including graphics, products and spatial planning. Among her major works are VI and entrance signage for KITTE (Marunouchi, Tokyo), her “Paper Flower” and “Paper Vehicles of Flight” exhibits at the 2014 Takeo Paper Show (“Subtle”), and promotional materials for the “UENO PLANET” program at Ueno Zoo.

No.30 Thu, April 14, 2016 7:10 – 8:40 p.m.
Participants: Mitsuo Katsui (graphic designer), Ryoji Tanaka (web designer / head designer of Semitransparent Design), Takeo Nakano (graphic designer)
Title: “My Mainstay”

Mitsuo Katsui
Born in Tokyo in 1931. Graduate of Tokyo University of Education. In addition to engaging in all facets of graphic design, Katsui served as art director of EXPO ’70 in Osaka and the International Exposition of Science and Technology (EXPO ’85) in Tsukuba. In January 2014 he showed a retrospective of his book designs, as well as new video works, at ggg. Awards Katsui has received to date include: Japan Advertising Artists Club (JAAC) Award, Mainichi Industrial Design Prize, Kodansha Publishing Culture Award, Tokyo ADC Members Award, Minister of Education’s Art Incentive Award, Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, and Gold and Grand Prizes at numerous international shows. Katsui is a director of JAGDA, member of Tokyo ADC and AGI, and Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University.

Ryoji Tanaka
Graduated from Doshisha University (Faculty of Engineering) and the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. While maintaining a focus on web design, Tanaka is active in a broad array of media – spanning from corporate branding and ad planning and production, to exhibitions of his works at art museums and galleries both at home and abroad. Within recent memory, he planned the “Illuminating Graphics” show at CREATION GALLERY G8 and mounted the “Transparent Design: Boring/Bored” exhibition at ggg.

Takeo Nakano
Graduated from Musashino Art University in 2001. After initially working at Katsui Design Office, Nakano went freelance in 2005. In 2011 he established Nakano Design Office Co., Ltd. Nakano probes the possibilities of graphic design in various spheres, with emphasis on giving structure to information and visibility to contexts. Among others, he has received the Japan Typography Association Yearbook Grand Prix and the METI Minister’s Award in the Japan Book Design Competition (Japan Book Publishers Assoc.). He has exhibited his works at Typojanchi 2011 (Seoul International Typography Biennial), Graphic Trial 2015, etc. Nakano’s works are included in the permanent collection of the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum (Seoul Arts Center). He teaches at Tama Art University and Musashino Art University.