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  3. YuiTakada Exhibition "Swimming Graphics"


YuiTakada Exhibition "Swimming Graphics"

  • DATES : Tue, September 19 – Thu, October 19, 2017
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

Yui Takada established Allright Graphics in 2006. The next year he launched Allright Kobo (now Allright Printing) as a base for letterpress printing, and while overseeing printing operations here he also performs design work. His design portfolio spans a broad spectrum, including logomarks, signage, advertising, book design, package design, etc. His warmly expressive letterpress typography and playful graphic designs never fail to charm and fascinate the viewer with their unusual appeal. Meanwhile, since 2013 Mr. Takada has also devoted his talents to design education, as Associate Professor at Tokyo Zokei University.
In the course of every day, in a variety of environments, Yui Takada continuously experiments in myriad ways to expand his world of creative expression. Looking at something from a slightly different angle than usual leads to new discoveries. Interesting discoveries are also made within the limits of constraints or restrictions. Infinite new perspectives come to light by consciously focusing on something. Mr. Takada experiments at work, at school, and in his personal life—together with this colleagues, with his students, and by himself. While having fun with his experiments, he continues to create creative designs that seem to be swimming. This exhibition, divided into three parts, will introduce how Mr. Takada achieves all this.

1. “Giorgio Morandi: Infinite Variations” (poster)
2. “JAGDA New Members Welcome Party” (poster)
3. “Why not live for Art? II” (poster)
4. uka nail oil (package design)
5. GEORGE’S (corporate identity)
6. “Small Theater Tiny Alice” (book design)
7. “Sculptures Made By Mouth” (seminar title, Tokyo Zokei University)
8. “Worlds Without Words” (seminar title, Tokyo Zokei University)
9. Noncommissioned work

Yui Takada

Born in Tokyo in 1980. Principal of Allright Graphics. Takada graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. He established the design office Allright Graphics in 2006, and in 2007 founded Allright Printing, a print shop specialized in letterpress printing. Takada is also an Associate Professor at Tokyo Zokei University.

Opening Party
September 19 (Tue), 2017 7:00 p.m.– 8:30 p.m.
Admission free. No reservations required.
All visitors are invited to attend.

Creation Gallery G8
Kuwasawa Gakuen Educational Foundation
TAKEO Co., Ltd.
Yamada Photo Process Co., Ltd.
FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.

These days, I’m slowly seeking the next form. When I first started out, I chased after form only, with great speed. Then at some point, the word “form” in its visual sense came to include the meaning “modality.” Modality is very difficult to visualize. But I feel many “forms” exist in modality. What I’m showing this time is my approach to my commissioned work, to what I teach at university, and to my noncommissioned work, mostly graphic design. Of course these are all visible to the eye, but I would like visitors to focus their awareness also toward the invisible “forms,” seeing how they swim and bob about.

Yui Takada