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  3. Tomorrow is Today: Farming the Possible Fields


UMA / design farm Exhibition

Tomorrow is Today: Farming the Possible Fields

  • DATES : Tue. February 25 - Sat. March 28, 2020
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

UMA / design farm is a design studio based in Osaka established in 2007 by Yuma Harada. In addition to graphic works, the studio collaborates with architects and editors in the creation of libraries, schools, facilities for disabled persons, etc., from the basic groundwork through to signage planning. Each project is undertaken to reflect the needs and views of the local community and others who will benefit directly from its completion, with studio members engaging in dialogue and ongoing experiments to reach the optimal design for all concerned. This design method, bringing together diverse people from various places and fields, continuously yields proposals that generate cyclical progress and new possibilities.

This exhibition will focus on an array of UMA / design field’s projects, including interviews of the people involved in their development describing the thoughts behind their work and what they ultimately created, plus actual design processes and the stories that unfolded. Among the projects featured will be: the “Good Job!” project, performed in collaboration with the Tanpopo-No-Ye social welfare facility in Nara City, targeted at job creation for people with disabilities; the signage design project undertaken for Otsu Kogan (Lakeside) Nagisa Park in Shiga Prefecture; and an Urban Renaissance Agency project to repair and color exterior walls at six housing estates. Through these exhibits, the visitor will be given an introduction to how design is part of the lives of people in local communities.

Through its cross-domain approach to project execution, UMA / design farm ponders the everyday of tomorrow and explores environments in which design melds into everyday lives. The exhibition is sure to make the visitor reconsider the role design plays in our society.

Photo Takumi Ota

Urban Renaissance Agency’s Color Planning Project (2017- )
VI, color planning, signage planning
Photo: Yoshiro Masuda

Urban Renaissance Agency’s Color Planning Project (2017- )
VI, color planning, signage planning
Photo: Yurika Kono

Good Job! Project (2012- )
Project planning, VI, signage planning, package design
Photo: Yoshiro Masuda

Good Job! Project
“Tomorrow is Today” workshop
Photo: Michio Hayase

saito kan kougyou Project (2014- )
CI, signage planning
Photo: Kohei Shikama

Okazaki City Map Project (2018)
Signage planning
Photo: Yuya Yoshikawa

Takeo Paper Yodoyabashi Mihoncho (Sample Books) Project (2018- )
VI, signage planning, planning direction
Photo: Yoshiro Masuda

Fukuchi Library & History Museum “Fukuchi-no-chi” (2017- )
Project planning, VI, signage planning
Photo: Natsumi Kinugasa

UMA / design farm Yuma Harada

Established by Yuma Harada in 2007, Osaka-based UMA / design farm seeks to visualize ideas and create new experiences through graphics, spatial design, exhibitions, planning development, etc., with a focus on projects relating to culture, social welfare and the local community. Embracing a philosophy of “thinking together, making together,” the studio undertakes design that fosters ongoing dialogue and experimentation. Besides Yuma Harada, UMA / design farm today has six additional members: Keisuke Yamazoe, Ryosuke Nishino, Yuka Tsuda, Kanae Hirakawa, Mariko Kishiki and Megumi Takahashi. Among awards the studio has received to date are a Good Design Gold Award (2016), Japan Sign Design Best Award, Japan Typography Annual Best Work Award, and a CS Design Award (Quasi-Grand Prix Award).

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MUESUM, Yurika Kono, Tomomi Tada, Daijiro Mizuno
Production cooperation
Hiroshi Ishii, Kan Nagata, Satoru Matsumoto,
Yosuke Yamauchi, Kosuke Mishima, Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Peko Asano, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Takuma,
Yosuke Yamauchi, Miyazaki

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Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture

Nursing home Abeyama Katsuretsutei LLC.,
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