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Norio Takamatsu

Born in Hyogo prefecture at 1978. Graduated from Tezukayama University with liberal arts degree in 2000. Graduated from Inter-medium Institution, master degree course for photography in 2002. Graduated from Palette Club School, studied under Mr. Osamu Harada. Currently, Takamatsu is working partially as an illustrator and a designer, although he wishes to clam as a painter.

2009 Selected as a finalist for the 1st Graphic Art“1_Wall” competition
2004 Selected as a finalist for the 22th Graphic Art “Hitotsubo” competition
2001 Winner of the Color Print category, the Monthly competition for Asahi Camera magazine

1999 Young Japanese photographers 10, Nara
1998 Participant for the International Shionoe young artists festival, Kagawa