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Tomoki Hirokawa

Born in Tokyo in 1979. Graduated from Wako University, department of art.. Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute. Started photography since high school year; his work was selected as a finalist for the 11th and 13th photography Hitotsubo exhibitions. Hirokawa was working as a part time freelance photographer during his collage years, yet he experienced a dark period from not having any job after graduated from the school. After managed to recover from the period, Hirokawa has been photographing guest portraits for NHK’s TV program “Top Runner” from 2005. His work was shown at “Hongo in the mantis of midnight glow photo exhibition” for 130 years history of the University of Tokyo events in 2007. Since 2008, he has been active preserving rolls of films by participating silver gelatin workshops. Currently, he has been professionally active in various fields such as magazine, cd jackets, advertisement, and TV.

1999 finalist forthe 13th photography Hitotsubo exhibition.
1998 finalist forthe 11th photography Hitotsubo exhibition