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  3. nakaban Exhibition: "this far land"


The Second Stage at GG #30

nakaban Exhibition: "this far land"

  • DATES : Mon. May 23 - Thu. June 9, 2011
  • HOURS : 12:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission Free.

nakaban is active in many creative areas, contributing numerous illustrations for books and magazines, producing his own picture books, and in recent years delving also into animation. His output is prolific and diverse, his methods including pencil drawings, oil paintings, prints, collages, sculpture, etc. He says he is interested in things that, though separate from specific themes, nonetheless remain. With whatever expressive mode nakaban chooses, all his works share in exuding a scent of nostalgia, a magnetic charm that draws the viewer into their narrative.


For this solo exhibition nakaban will be debuting oil paintings created on charcoal paper (500 x 600 mm). Shunning oil paints, he has opted to work in colored pencil, which he thins using turpentine. Until now nakaban’s drawings have mainly been smaller than A4 size (210 x 297 mm), so working with this large size presented him with a new challenge. Also, his intent was to have people enjoy more realistic paintings in these times when most works are created as digital data for transfer into printed matter or videos.


nakaban lets his hand run free, then observes objectively how his drawings impact him. More than the act of drawing itself, it seems he relishes the reaction that comes after drawing. Visitors will surely enjoy seeing the many new works nakaban has created befitting his exhibition title, “this far land.”


Born in 1974, nakaban is an artist active in many different fields, mostly drawings but also picture...

Message from the Artist


A picture is a product of two realities.

A reality that already exists, and a reality created by the artist.

When the two rub together, they produce the sweet scent of a voyage.

To places never visited, yet seeming familiar.

Like a fruit one has never eaten, but whose taste seems familiar.

I think the love of voyage exists also in the small diamond shapes of an abstract painting.

Ultimately, I guess the love of travel exists too in a single stroke, too.


But in truth the sensation of travel isn’t the excitement or nostalgia the word suggests.

Rather, perhaps it’s something unsettling, lonely and cold.

Such things come to mind whenever I set to drawing.





The Second Stage at GG

The Second Stage at GG traces back to the “Hitotsubo” exhibitions launched in 1992 to support young artists. That format came to a close after 30 exhibitions, superseded in 2009 by the “1_WALL” group shows. The “Hitotsubo” initiative incorporated works by a total of 566 artists, many of whom are active today in diverse creative fields. The Second Stage at GG exhibitions feature subsequent works by artists whose works were initially shown at a “Hitotsubo” or “1_WALL” exhibition.

Organizer: Guardian Garden