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  3. Mitsugu Mizobata Exhibition "play"


The Second Stage at GG #38

Mitsugu Mizobata Exhibition "play"

  • DATES : Mon. March 2 - Thu. March 19, 2015
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission free.

“The Second Stage at GG” is a series of exhibitions presenting more recent works by former finalists in the gallery’s open competitions launched to promote budding artists in various fields: initially the “Hitotsubo” exhibitions held from 1992 to 2008, and then the “1_WALL” events continuing since 2009. The works shown in “The Second Stage at GG” exhibitions are all created after these young artists entered their respective fields as professionals.

The 38th exhibition in “The Second Stage at GG” series will introduce the works of Mitsugu Mizobata. Mizobata was a finalist in the 20th “Hitotsubo” graphic art competition in 2002, where he exhibited his “anonymous illustrations made in collaboration with children”: works in which drawings of his own creation were augmented by graffiti written by children. Mizobata subsequently joined Agir Co., Ltd. before striking out on his own. Today he is active as an art director and designer handling numerous works in editorial design and other areas.

For this exhibition Mizobata will be aiming to add two elements – rules and actions – to things that, like a thin layer of skim, have yet to take solid shape, a notion he thinks much about. He plans to set simple rules for appreciating posters and products derived from a variety of ideas, and to show graphic works that, by playing with those rules, spark communication with others. By interacting with a work, directly touching materials in the gallery, rearranging the pieces of a puzzle, tearing up paper, new encounters and experiences may occur that normally are hidden at a slight distance from the work’s inherent role or background. We are sure that visitors will enjoy seeing what unexpected results will emerge.


Message from the Artist

I take interest in the “play”-like action born from children’s primitive curiosity. What I want to make are things in which things that can’t be controlled – touched by hands, paper ripped into pieces, things stacked up and knocked down again – gradually take final shape. Such things emerge not only from things that are easily comprehended but perhaps also lie hidden in the gaze that gleans something from something that is little understood.
Not finished “works” that stand on their own, but works that the viewer can actually touch, become involved in, works that stir communication between viewers. What I aim to propose, for example, are things that are mere play, or “play” without rules before it becomes a “game,” or things that have a new game-like sense. Into the equation of what I think every day as a professional designer or the methods employed in doing my work, rather than the usual “job” I want to substitute different numbers that will define a particular “work.” My aim is to present things created these ways so that they can be played with for the sheer enjoyment.

Mitsugu Mizobata

Leaflet for Muji Ryohin (2015)

“super!” book design (author: Chiharu Watabe, Asukashinsha Publishing, 2014)

“LIFE TIME THING” photo book (Birkenstock Japan, 2012)

Kyoto Saga University of Arts school guide (2012)

Mitsugu Mizobata

Art director and designer, born in Osaka Prefecture in 1975. Graduated from Seian University of Art ...

Organizer: Guardian Garden