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The Second Stage at GG #41

fancomi Exhibition: "tale"

  • DATES : Tue. March 1 - Fri. March 18, 2016
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission free.

“The Second Stage at GG” is a series of exhibitions presenting more recent works by former finalists in the gallery’s open competitions launched to promote budding artists in various fields. The 41st exhibition in the series, titled “tale,” will feature the works of fancomi, who was a finalist in the 3rd “1_WALL” Graphics Competition in 2010 with his black-and-white line drawings of faceless boys and girls.

fancomi initially worked a number of years at a design office before going freelance in 2009. Today his scope of artistic activities includes not only illustration but also publishing of his own art books and organization of exhibitions. The characters that appear in his works all have no facial features like eyes or a nose, so we are at a loss to know their expression. They are also unaccompanied by speech balloons or any words whatsoever. Nonetheless the viewer is able to let his imagination run freely and sense what isn’t directly stated.

fancomi set out as a graphic designer, and his works make us feel new possibilities in graphic art: possibilities freely employing a variety of different contexts including manga, illustration, design and typography. His phantom texts and imaginary images drawn to suggest a poster or a story have power to stimulate the viewer’s imagination, instantly seducing him into fancomi’s quirky world.

This exhibition, titled “tale,” will display many works that tell stories like scenes in a picture book. We eagerly invite visitors to come and marvel at the wondrous tales that fancomi will spin for us.


Message from the Artist

The tales I draw are merely one part, real or imaginary, of what has occurred to somebody, someplace. I draw them as though to tell someone, enjoyably, even a little of what took place – like “Hey, guess what happened” or “Wanna hear what I dreamt of?” Some people may find them idle chitchat, while others may get something out of them. It’s OK just to listen without being overly impressed. It would make me happy if you find them of interest.



Born in Saitama 1980. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with Design degree in 2004 and the same ...

Organizer: Guardian Garden