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  3. 8th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition


Discovering the Next Generation of Young Graphic Designers

8th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition

  • DATES : Mon. February 25 - Thu. March 21, 2013
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

The 8th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition is part of an open competition for the right to mount a solo show at Guardian Garden. The exhibition features works by the six finalists after two rounds of judging: the first round focuses on all entrants’ portfolios, and the second round evaluates the portfolio presentations of the graphic designers selected in the initial round. Each finalist is allocated one wall on which to show his or her works. The final round of judging takes place while the exhibition is in progress. During this round, which is open to the public, the six finalists each give a presentation of his or her works or of a plan for a solo exhibition, based on which the judges select the Grand Prix winner. The winner’s prize is the privilege of mounting a solo show at the gallery one year later plus the right to prepare an exhibition pamphlet.

The eighth exhibition in the series brings together works by the six truly unique finalists after the first two rounds. These include: a sketch depicting the physical outlines of a tennis player, drawn with the artist’s distinctive wavering lines; a drawing of a neatly trim but at the same time erotic woman, created with the delicate touch enabled by pastel colored pencils; a graphic employing the special properties of computerized drawing software, boldly put together from random lines and colors; and a graphic work combined with actual inorganic materials such as rocks and steel.

We eagerly invite you to join us to find out what new talents have recently emerged.

The 6 Finalists
*At the open round of final judging on March 6,
Yukiko Shimono was selected as the Grand Prix winner.

Yutaro Ogawa

Born in Tokyo in 1985. Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University and al...

Yukiko Shimono

Born in Tokyo in 1988. Graduated from Musashino Art University in 2013.

Hayashi Kanae Takeshi

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1991. Since 2011 her works have focused on speed within 2-dimensional expression, and today, under the banner of “speedism,” she creates from the ideal of “creating machines free of all friction and resistance.” On February 20, 2015 she released “Declaration of Speedism.”

Kie Hosokawa

Born in 1983. Attended Nagoya University of Arts majoring in design, then graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design with a concentration in oil painting.

Judges (in Japanese syllabary order)

Koji Iyama(Art director, Graphic designer)

Art director and graphic designer born in 1967. Graduated from Tama Art University with a concentration in Graphic Design. After working at Nippon Design Center, he established Iyama Design. His major clients include Shueisha Inc. (“Natsu Ichi”), Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd. (“mt”) and The Institute of Medical Science of The University of Tokyo. Among the many awards he has won to date are the JAGDA New Designer Award, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Gold Lion, SPIKES ASIA Grand Prix, New York ADC Gold Award, CLIO Gold Award and Japan Sign Design Association (SDA) Award First Prize.

Ichio Otsuka(Illustrator, Art director)
Masahiro Kakinokihara(Art director)
Atsuki Kikuchi( Graphic designer)

Born in Tokyo in 1974. He attended Musashino Art University, majoring in Sculpture. In 2000 he established Bluemark, and then in 2011 he founded his own design studio. His work areas include brand planning, logo design, signage planning, editorial design, etc., with a strong focus on art, fashion and architecture. He is also the principal of Book Peak, planners and publishers of art books.

Jun Tsuzuki(Illustrator)

Illustrator born in Tokyo in 1962. A graduate of Musashino Art University, between the 1980s and into the new millennium he garnered numerous awards in graphics competitions and for his contributions to advertising. In 2010 he mounted the exhibition “New Eidos,” followed in 2013 by “Jun Tsuzuki x Hideki Nakazawa.” In 2015 he held a lecture on “After New Eidos / An Investigation of 1980-2000.” He supervised and contributed to “Nihon Irasutore-shonshi” [A History of Japanese Illustration]. He also supervises and appears on NHK’s “Art 1” program for high school students.  jti.ne.jp