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The 7th “1_WALL” Photography Competition Grand Prize Winner

Emi Nakata "Yosuga"

  • DATES : Mon. June 24 - Thu. July 11, 2013
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

Emi Nakata received the Grand Prize in the 7th “1_WALL” Photography Competition for “Along with the beautiful pace,” a work born from her thoughts concerning death and the continuation of other people’s lives thereafter, based on the experience of losing her mother 14 years before. Her entry was a combination of photographs relating to her family, to possessions left behind by her mother, and to everyday life living with her widowed father. One judge commented that Nakata had already demonstrated her artistic power at the portfolio stage, but during the group exhibition she had boldly sought to show something new and different. Another praised the high level of perfection of her works, remarking that Nakata is an artist with a strong will.
For this solo exhibition, Nakata will put herself all the more deeply into her works. She will photograph, at home, the clothes and other items left by her mother, and into each photo she will infuse the corresponding memories of her mother. She will also photograph herself wearing her mother’s belongings, occasionally having her father do the shooting. In taking photographs, one and then another, all the while recollecting about her mother, she will measure the distance between herself and her father, and little by little shorten that distance. Nakata also thinks of her own body as one more thing her mother left behind. By photographing that body together with her father, she faces her mother’s death with strength. “Yosuga,” the exhibition title, refers to something one relies on, physically and mentally. We invite visitors to come and see the “something” that Emi Nakata discovered.

Emi Nakata

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1988. She began showing her works in open exhibitions in 2011, after completing Mieko Matsumoto’s photography workshop titled “Kiwamari-sou Photography Club.”
In addition to winning the Grand Prize in the 7th “1_WALL” Photography Competition, Nakata also received a Judges’ Encouragement Prize (selected by Kisei Kobayashi and Kimi Himeno) at the 6th competition in 2012.

Message from the Artist
Fourteen years ago, my mother died.

Until now, we kept my mother’s belongings at home.

Then last year, on the occasion of my father’s retirement, we decided to dispose of them, and that’s when I began photographing my mother’s things.

Photos I have taken
Photos I have taken of myself wearing my mother’s clothes
Photos of me in Mother’s clothes taken by my father

What has come to light from these photos:
where my body and heart rely on,
in other words, “yosuga.”

Emi Nakata


Message from One of the Judges

Emi Nakata photographs her surroundings, but it isn’t “daily life” that she shoots. This, I think, has become clear from her new work, “Yosuga.”
Her frozen gaze as she places herself, wearing her deceased mother’s clothes, in her photos, taken by her father. Self-portraits, inscribed with herself, her feelers quivering toward the world. “Yosuga” is the existence of her photos, and the relationships Nakata falteringly produces from them toward life and death. I want to keep a close eye on what the future holds for photographer Emi Nakata.

Kimi Himeno (Director, AKAAKA)


The 7th “1_WALL” Photography Exhibition
Tue. September 18 – Thu. October 11, 2012
The open round of final judging on September 27
Emi Nakata was selected as the Grand Prix winner.
Shin Akiyama(Graphic designer, Publisher)
Risaku Suzuki(Photographer)
Hiromi Tsuchida(Photographer)
Kimi Himeno(Principal and director of AKAAKA Art Publishing)
Rei Masuda(Chief curator at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
※in Japanese syllabary order
The 7th “1_WALL” Photography Exhibition

Organizer: Guardian Garden