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Akihiko Mizoguchi



In a world where “survival of the fittest” rules,
We are bombarded with the idea that we have to be strong and aggressive.
But art and creativity stand in direct opposition to this belief.
I intentionally create pieces that are soft and subtle-call them “weak” if you like.
I want my work to be soothing to people, even if just a little.

1960   Born in Fukuoka

Solo Exhibitions
1990  Town Hall, Iwate
1996  Morioka Crystal Gallery, Iwate
1999  Galerie Pousse, Tokyo
2000  Morioka Crystal Gallery, Iwate
2001   Town Hall, Iwate
2005  Morioka Crystal Gallery, Iwate

Group Exhibitions
1994  “The 1st Beppu Contemporary Painting Exhibition”
Beppu Municipal Museum, Oita 〈Fine Work〉
“The 23rd Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan”
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, etc.
〈Prize of The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama〉
1995  “The 4th Aoki Shigeru Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition”
Ishibashi Museum of Art, Fukuoka, etc. 〈Special Prize〉
“The 38th Sotaro Yasui Commemorative Award Exhibition”
Sezon Museum of Art, Tokyo, etc.
1996  “The Vision of Contemporary Art” Ueno Royal Museum
“Japan Visual Art Exhibition’96 special Exhibition” Isetan Museum of Art, Tokyo
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Gallery RAKU, Kyoto
1997  “The 2nd SHOWA SHELL SEKIYU Contemporary Art Prize Exhibition”Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
1998  “Yukihiko Yasuda +Akihiko MIzoguchi Exhibition“ Arai-Ryokan, Shizuoka
2004  “The 10th Annual Iwate Contemporary Artist Exhibition
Murai Shunji, Mizoguchi Akihiko” Yorozu Tetsugoro museum, Iwate
2005  “The 14th Aoki Shigeru Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition” Koriyama city museum of Art
Axis Gallery, Tokyo Ishibashi Museum of Art, Fukuoka 〈Prize for encouragement〉
2006  “Let’s play art-The labyrinth of Art” The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama
2007  “Shiba collection-Children’s Museum” Morioka Takuboku&Kenji Museum
“Reflection” Sakura minkaen, Ibaraki
2011 “IWATE Contemporary Art Exhibition” Yorozu Tetsugoro museum,
“Hiraizumi International Exhibition 2011” Iwate University,
2016  “The 1st International art exhibition in MAKURAZAKI” Nanmeikan Museum, Kagoshima 〈Sponsors’ Prize〉
“TOKUSHIMA LED ART FESTIVAL 2016” Shinmachigawa area, Tokushima