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  3. Daisuke Tanaka Exhibition: “The Pulse of Flame”


The 15th “1_WALL” Photography Competition Grand Prize Winner

Daisuke Tanaka Exhibition: “The Pulse of Flame”

  • DATES : Tue. June 20 - Fri. July 7, 2017
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission Free.

Daisuke Tanaka won the 15th “1_WALL” Photography Competition with “elephant sea,” works that included filmed shots of an aged elephant. The judges praised Tanaka for the way he carefully seeks to capture the invisible “breathing” of his subjects, and for his outstanding sense of how to express what cannot be expressed in words.

Tanaka approaches his photographic subjects with sincerity, aiming to capture something that is invisible to the eye. And the works born from the act of continuously photographing the instants he perceives from his subjects appeal to our fundamental human sensibilities. The photos and films containing the experiences of the artist have the power to overwhelm the viewer.

This exhibition will showcase Tanaka’s film works of an elephant that he showed at the time he garnered the Grand Prize, complemented by newly shot photographic works.

Daisuke Tanaka

1981 Born in Osaka Prefecture.

2006 Participated in resist photo workshop.
2011 “Kagerou” and “Hyohaku” solo shows at Gallery SHUHARI (Tokyo)
2014 Solo show “Hikari no sukima” at Gallery BRICOLAGE (Tokyo)
2014 Two-man show “Daisy Bell” at Hyakunen (Tokyo)
2015 Solo show “Tooku ni oyogu” at Gallery BRICOLAGE
2015 Solo show “Kage no sasoi” at Hyakunen
2015 Two-man show “little big world” at Paper Pool (Tokyo)
2016 Group exhibition “dix.vol1” at Quiet Noise (Tokyo)
2016 Solo show “Chinmoku no koe” at Rurodo (Tokyo)
2016 15th “1_WALL” Photography Competition at Guardian Garden

2005 Honma Takashi Prize at PHaT Photo Contest
2016 Grand Prize at 15th “1_WALL” Photography Competition

Message from the Artist

On my regular way home I saw a raging fire.
I kept thinking back on words and the sound of waves
I heard at the beach one evening.
All that is there is my body and volition,
visiting and disappearing, now and again.
On the other side of what is visible, and what is not.
Sustained moments become a line, and they all burn quietly.

Daisuke Tanaka


Message from One of the Judges

From Tanaka’s photos the sense of “seeing” is conveyed not only as visual perception but as a physical sensation. His deeply, slowly moving line of vision is earnest, gentle and persistent. We experience that extremely focused observation with our whole body. This is truly a talent. But it’s unclear why Tanaka was looking at the subjects at such great length.

Atsuki Kikuchi (art director)

Organizer: Guardian Garden