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  3. 6th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition


Discovering the Next Generation of Young Graphic Designers

6th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition

  • DATES : Mon. February 27 - Thu. March 22, 2012
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission free.

The 6th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition is part of an open competition for the right to mount a solo show at Guardian Garden. The exhibition features works by the six finalists after two rounds of judging: the first round focused on all entrants’ portfolios, and the second round evaluated the portfolio presentations of the graphic designers selected in the initial round. Each finalist is allocated one wall on which to show his or her works. The final round of judging will take place on March 9 (Fri)*, i.e. while the exhibition is in progress. During this round, which is open to the public, the six finalists will each give a presentation of his or her works, based on which the judges will select the Grand Prix winner. The winner’s prize is the privilege of mounting a solo show at the gallery one year later plus the right to prepare an exhibition pamphlet.

The “1_WALL” series are open competitions in which, through three rounds of judging, the entrants are evaluated for their creative talent and potential. The competition gives all entrants an opportunity to test the limits of their expressive capabilities.

The sixth exhibition in the series has brought together works inspired by events and people in the designer’s everyday life: works employing photographs and drawings to record daily changes in the artist’s home vegetable garden; works attempting to express the air of malaise after the 2011 earthquake disaster through depictions of people who don’t exist in the real world; works depicting thin, elongated people using ink and screentone; experimental works seeking to record time spent with friends by drawing directly on the person’s skin; etc.

We eagerly invite you to join us to find out who will grab this year’s Grand Prix – a budding young artist expected to garner much attention in tomorrow’s graphic design realm.

The 6 Finalists

Satoe Akimoto

Born in 1988.

Tomoaki Ichikawa (1cyome)

1977 Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan 2002 BA in Oil Painting Course, Tokyo National University of Fi...

Maki Ohkojima

Born in Higashikurume City 1987. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design’s Graduate School of Art and Design with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts.

Arisa Odawara

Born in Tokyo in 1979 Awards 2012 Selected as a finalist, the 6th Graphic “1_WALL” exhibition 2010 S...

Pinpin Co

Born in 1983. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Fine Arts with a Masters Degree in Architecture.

Go Tanaka

Born in 1983.

Judges (in Japanese syllabary order)

Ichio Otsuka(Illustrator, Art director)
Atsuki Kikuchi( Graphic designer)

Born in Tokyo in 1974. He attended Musashino Art University, majoring in Sculpture. In 2000 he established Bluemark, and then in 2011 he founded his own design studio. His work areas include brand planning, logo design, signage planning, editorial design, etc., with a strong focus on art, fashion and architecture. He is also the principal of Book Peak, planners and publishers of art books.

Kenjiro-Sano(Art director)
Kaoru Takai(Art director)
Kiyonori Muroga(Editor in Chief of “IDEA”)

Editor-in-chief of “IDEA” design magazine. Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1975. Graduated from The University of Tokyo with a concentration in Aesthetics and Art Theory. At Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing Co., Ltd., he is involved in editing “IDEA” and design-related books. He is also involved in educational activities at Musashino Art University, Tokyo University of the Arts, MeMe Design School, etc.