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  3. Manami Hayasaka: "Dear unexpected visitors"


The 2nd “1_WALL” Graphics Competition Grand Prize Winner

Manami Hayasaka: "Dear unexpected visitors"

  • DATES : Mon. January 17 - Thu. February 3, 2011
  • HOURS : 12:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays. Admission Free.

Early in 2011, Guardian Garden will host “Dear unexpected visitors,” a solo exhibition of works by Manami Hayasaki, winner of the Grand Prize in the 2nd “1_WALL” Graphics Competition held in the spring of 2010. “1_WALL” is a series of open competitions, held separately in the categories of photography and graphics, launched in 2009 to supersede the earlier “Hitotsubo” competitions. A pamphlet prepared in tandem with this event will be available for purchase in the gallery.

Manipulations of space and light: the mysterious world of papercut installations
Manami Hayasaki creates installations configured by papercutting. Active mainly in London, she won the Grand Prize in the 2nd “1_WALL” Graphics Competition in 2010 for her experimental 3-dimensional wall-mounted works based on Darwin’sOn the Origin of Species. Her entry was highly acclaimed for its solid concept, exceptional level of execution, and its outstanding design commended as “befitting the ‘1_WALL’ competition.”
In her university days in Kyoto, Hayasaki studied Japanese traditional painting. Gradually, however, she became attracted to contemporary art and conceptual art, which afford the artist greater freedom of expression. In a quest to pursue art unconstrained by conventions and fixed conceptions, after graduation Hayasaki decided to test her potential by using London as her creative base. Here, in an environment more stimulating than she had ever experienced before, she delved into an array of creative genres. Among them, she soon found herself thoroughly engrossed in the art of papercutting, a pastime she had enjoyed from the time she was a child. Hayasaki says that the creative process of cutting by knife is both an exercise in focused mental concentration and an exhilarating enjoyment. The exquisite paper cuts born from her blade are amazingly detailed and overflow with a magical power of imagination, manipulating space and light to usher the viewer into a world of a different dimension.
For this, her first solo exhibition of this scale in Japan, Hayasaki will convert the entire gallery into a “garden” expressing images inhabiting her mind. In contrast to the universal themes she has explored until now—probing the mysteries of life, for example—in this exhibition Hayasaki turns her attention for the first time towards herself. She describes herself as “in-between”: wavering between London and Japan, and between her various creative processes. What scenes will this confrontation with her inner self plant in her garden?

Manami Hayasaki

1980 born in Osaka Education 2004-2007 Chelsea College of Art and Design, BA Fine Art 1999-2003 Kyot...

Message from the Artist

Not a lavish garden of the kind belonging to a castle overseas;
Nor a beautiful garden like a veritable cosmos in a Zen temple;
A garden where weeds keep growing despite all efforts at gardening;
An ordinary garden where a bucket might be lying on the ground;
A garden others can take a peep of,
neither outside nor inside.
Always leaving things half-done, I hesitate to let others see inside my house.
I draw the curtains on my windows, and decorate my garden with flowers and plants.
Because even though I close the gate, inside the fence is visible from outside.

Manami Hayasaki


Message from One of the Judges

Think. Think. Think.
Draw. Draw. Erase.
Think. Draw. Think. Draw.
Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Think.

Wearing red-framed eyeglasses she received as a present from someone,
she creates with a sharp knife held in her delicate fingers.
Whether based in London or Osaka or Kyoto is irrelevant now, she says.
In London, she shares a studio below a chocolate factory,
and once she gets engrossed, sounds apparently disappear from the world.
It’s at those moments that she’s happy, she laughs.
Drive, a strong will, and words. A concept has to be describable in words, she thinks, but what she makes she wants to take beyond the realm of words, she declares.
She’s never satisfied. Rather than ruing what is past, she’s always thinking of what’s next.

Hayasaki wavers.
Between strength and weakness, delicacy and boldness, clarity and ambiguity, seriousness and jocularity.
“1_WALL” selected the right person.

Kenjiro Sano (art director)


2nd “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition
February 22 (Mon) – March 18 (Thu), 2010
Final round of judging: March 4 (Thu), 2010

Manami Hayasaki was selected to receive the Grand Prize by the following panel of judges:
Jun Kosaka (artist)
Kenjiro Sano (art director)
Kazunari Hattori (art director, graphic designer)
Naomi Hirabayashi (art director, graphic designer)
Hiro Sugiyama (art director, artist)

For information on the 2nd “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition, click here.

Organizer: Guardian Garden