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  3. Yuto Kasai "Sail to the Moon"


The 9th “1_WALL” Photography Competition Grand Prize Winner

Yuto Kasai "Sail to the Moon"

  • DATES : Mon. June 23 - Thu. July 10, 2014
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.Closed Sundays and holidays. Admission Free.

Yuto Kasai’s work “Marginal Man is Dead,” using photography as to liberate from own mental conflict by capturing inner emotions, won a grand prix for the 9th “1_WALL” Photography Competition. Presenting a clear concept and sophisticated exhibition by narrowing down to several pieces from the portfolio, his work was highly evaluated by the juries as facing own conflict earnestly, which only can be expressed through photographs.
Photographs of the invisible man face or some kind of trace mirages, we recall artist’s agony, trying to find out what he used to conceal inside him. Far from being intimate as almost violently, the fragile male nude only invites an indication of uneasiness without knowing whom this man is. Kasai says “ I want to capture absurdity of human’s birth.” Perhaps, it is the expression of a strong will to save him from the past through photography. Yuto Kasai’s first solo show is to face his srrounding once again to break through with the power of photography. Please enjoy the show!

Yuto Kasai

Born in 1988. Graduated from Tokyo University of Science.

2013 Grand prize for the 9th photography “1_WALL” competition