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  3. Kohei Sekigawa Exhibition: “figure / out”


The 14th “1_WALL” Graphics Competition Grand Prize Winner

Kohei Sekigawa Exhibition: “figure / out”

  • DATES : Wed. January 11 - Fri. January 27, 2017
  • HOURS : 11:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
  • Closed Sundays and Holidays. Admission free.

Kohei Sekigawa won the Grand Prize in the 14th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition competition (2016) for his “figure” pencil drawings. He received high acclaim from the judging panel for the way he so realistically draws things that actually exist only in his imagination.

Using pencil, with meticulous detail Sekigawa draws imaginary toys, artworks, living creatures and the like. So realistic is the texture of his depictions, one can easily imagine what it would feel like to take them in hand. Sekigawa, whose modes of self-expression transcend drawings and also extend to the realm of performance, believes that when attempts are made to grasp something using words alone, the part that is inexpressible becomes elusive; and this is why he chooses to express himself through drawings as one method of transmission without relying on words. But he says that when he sets out to realistically create what he has chosen to create, he does so without a clear finished image in mind. The result is that the viewer is placed face to face with objects seemingly real that don’t in fact exist.

This exhibition will focus on works newly drawn by Sekigawa in the year or so since he captured the Grand Prize last spring.

Kohei Sekigawa

Multi-talented artist born in 1990. Applying a wide variety of approaches – including performance, i...

Message from the Artist
What I seek is to reconsider what on earth it means to “understand” something. To do that, instead of focusing on what one aims to understand based only on words or form, it’s important to acknowledge the existence of the indication itself. That said, it’s frustrating that the confusion which arises within one’s self and others can’t be shared unless it is transmitted through something specific. As a variation of accepting that, I began by drawing. Make a positive breakaway from “figure out.”

Kohei Sekigawa
Message from One of the Judges

A physical sensation unlike the exhilaration of speeding straight ahead – the indescribable sense of inebriation or gravity when you surrender yourself to a vehicle of instability or uncertainty and drive, is a ride with a load, yet it gives birth to a rare “activated time.” Sekigawa puts himself in this time frame, and using the basic tools of a pencil and paper as his vehicle, he reconsiders what it means to “understand.” His is an ongoing journey on an unpaved road.

Daijiro Ohara (graphic designer)

Organizer: Guardian Garden