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22nd “1_WALL” Photography

Today, modes of artistic expression are becoming increasingly diversified, and together with artists who wholeheartedly seek to express themselves in new ways, Guardian Garden aspires to be a venue for considering new expressive modes. This aspiration derives from our hope that artists will overcome any hurdles in their way by offering them a gallery wall where they can express themselves freely, through their works.

Judging Results

Final Round of Judging

Grand Prize

"(Last) Weekend Utopia Travel"
Akane Ito
Born in 1996 / Graduated from Musashino Art University’s College of Creative Thinking for Social Innovation, Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences.
On weekends the road to utopia opens. “Glad you could come. I was waiting for you,” she (I) said. Where do you want to spend the last weekend of your life?

Final Round of JudgingThu. April 30, 2020

The third and final round of judging is conducted open to public viewing. The six finalists give presentations of their works on display and their plans for their solo exhibition if they win the Grand Prize. The judges discuss the merits of each finalist’s portfolio, works shown, and presentation, and together decide the winner of the Grand Prize.

“1_WALL” ExhibitionTue. July 07, 2020 - Thu. August 06, 2020

A group exhibition is held spotlighting the six finalists to emerge from the second round of judging. Each finalist is allocated a gallery wall (approx. 3.85m wide and 2.5m high) to display their works. Besides the works themselves, the judges also take into consideration how the finalists use their overall display space and how they show their works.

Success in the Second Round of Judging


  • "(Last) Weekend Utopia Travel"

    Akane Ito

    Born in 1996

    Graduated from Musashino Art University’s College of Creative Thinking for Social Innovation, Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences.

  • "https://pesadilla.img"

    Momoko Komatsu

    Born in 1997

    Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography.

  • "How does your body feel?"

    Chihiro Gompei

    Born in 1985

    Completed an MA in Textiles at Royal College of Art, London.

  • "Jîn"

    Sachiko Saito

    Born in 1985

    Graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Photography.

  • "Space"

    Kyosuke Sasaki

    Born in 1985

    Graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Photography.

  • "This is how I was found"

    Hsueh Da-Yung

    Born in 2000

    Graduated from KTC Ozora High School.

Judges’ Encouragement Prizes

  • "Sonatine"

    Allyl Gu

    Selected by Ryo Sawayama

  • "Souvenir Photograph"

    Pang Hei Man

    Selected by Yoshihisa Tanaka

  • "You Are Here"

    Kazuki Iwabuchi

    Selected by Rika Noguchi

  • "CALL"

    Yuki Hatano

    Selected by Kimi Himeno

  • "National Route 1"

    Himawari Hara

    Selected by Rei Masuda

Second Round of JudgingThu. February 27, 2020

A portfolio review is held one-on-one between each entrant and a judge. Here, the entrants are given the opportunity to directly explain the motives behind their works or their production process. After all portfolio reviews are completed, the judges assemble to discuss their assessments and select the six finalists.

Success in First Round of Judging

Entrants Who Successfully Passed the First Round of Judging

  • Akane Ito
  • Kazuki Iwabuchi
  • Yudai Omura
  • Tetsuo Kashiwada
  • Gala
  • Yuki Kurage
  • Rei Kuroda
  • Allyl Gu
  • Momoko Komatsu
  • Tatsuya Konda
  • Chihiro Gompei
  • Sachiko Saito
  • Yusuke Sakai
  • Kyosuke Sasaki
  • Kei Shimazu
  • Hsueh Da-Yung
  • Qian Anni
  • Zhang Yu
  • Yuko Nakazima
  • Yuki Hatano
  • Himawari Hara
  • Pang Hei Man
  • Tomoya Fujii
  • Mizuki Matsuda
  • Morizawa Keisuke
  • Yuki Morimura
  • Yazawa Asuka
  • Kenji Yamashiro
  • Nagisa Yokoyama
  • Babu Yoshida

Portfolio JudgingMon. January 13, 2020 - Wed. February 26, 2020

Judging is performed based on entrants’ work files and data. The judges, all prominent in their respective fields – design, illustration, photography, etc. – plus members of the secretariat, render their judgments from various perspectives. Thirty entrants are selected to continue on to the second round of judging. Comments by the judges are subsequently sent to all entrants. (In the event of numerous entrants, comment recipients will be decided by the members of the secretariat.)

Grand Prize Award Privileges


Solo Exhibition at Guardian Garden

300,000 JPY to prepare for the solo exhibition

Scheduled to take place in January-Februar,2021

The Grand Prize winner receives the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at Guardian Garden roughly one year after the “1_WALL” Exhibition. The gallery is provided free of charge, and the winner is presented 300,000 JPY to prepare for the show. Publicity assistance, including support in preparing a show leaflet, is also provided.


This series of exhibitions features former participants in “1_WALL” competitions who passed the first round of judging. All entrants meeting those qualifications are eligible. To date, exhibitions have focused attention on up-and-coming art directors, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers.


Finalists in “1_WALL” competitions (entrants who have passed the first and second rounds of judging) can have their name registered on the ARTIST page accessible on the Guardian Garden website.


  • Ryo Sawayama

    (Art Critic)

    Born in 1982. In 2007 he completed a Master of Art degree at Musashino Art University Graduate School of Science of Design. In 2009, his essay “Labor-work: Carl Andre and His Concept of Art Making” was selected for first prize in the 14th Art Critic Essay Contest organized by BIJUTSUTECHO. He teaches part-time at both Musashino Art University and Tokyo Metropolitan University, and is a frequent contributor to articles, magazines, etc.

  • Yoshihisa Tanaka

    (Graphic Designer and Artist)

    Born in 1980. His major work to date includes VI planning for Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and other cultural facilities, art direction of the POST bookshop and the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, and periodic creation of works as an artist. He is also active as half of the artist duo “Nerhol,” together with sculptor Ryuta Iida.

  • Rika Noguchi


    Born in 1971 in Saitama City, currently living in Naha, Okinawa. In 1994 she graduated from Nihon University’s College of Art, Department of Photography. She began production of photographic works during he university years, and has been active both in Japan and abroad mainly with exhibitions of her works. She has also participated in numerous international exhibitions of contemporary art, most recently the 21st Biennale of Sydney, “SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagement” (2018).

  • Kimi Himeno

    (Principal and director of AKAAKA Art Publishing)

    Established AKAAKA Art Publishing in 2006. To date the company has published more than 200 books, mainly photo books and art books. Publications include many recipients of the Kimura Ihei Award: Lieko Shiga (“CANARY” 2007); Atsushi Okada (“I am” 2007); Masashi Asada (“Asadake” 2008); Cozue Takagi (“MID” 2009; “GROUND” 2009); Arata Dodo (“Taigan” 2012); Ryuichi Ishikawa (“A Grand Polyphony” 2014; “okinawan portraits 2010-2012” 2014); and Aya Fujioka (“Here Goes River” 2017). Since 2018 she is also a professor at Osaka University of Arts.

  • Rei Masuda

    (Chief curator at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

    Born in Kobe in 1968. Completed the graduate course in Area Studies at the University of Tsukuba. Since 1992 he has worked at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT). Among exhibitions he has curated in recent years are: “Josef Koudelka Retrospective” (2013), “Narahara Ikko: Domains” (2014), and “Thomas Ruff” (2016).