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2nd “1_WALL” Graphics

Today, modes of artistic expression are becoming increasingly diversified, and together with artists who wholeheartedly seek to express themselves in new ways, Guardian Garden aspires to be a venue for considering new expressive modes. This aspiration derives from our hope that artists will overcome any hurdles in their way by offering them a gallery wall where they can express themselves freely, through their works.

Judging Results

Final Round of Judging

Grand Prize

"Fool's Experiments"
Manami Hayasaki
Born in 1980 / Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, BA Fine Art, Kyoto City University of Arts, Japanese Traditional Painting.
Entities of black and white create a contrast between the brilliance and gaiety of “life” and the sadness and beauty of “death.”
The shadow’s existence is a metaphor of the precarious nature of comparing the meaning of “life and death.”

Final Round of Judging

The third and final round of judging is conducted open to public viewing. The six finalists give presentations of their works on display and their plans for their solo exhibition if they win the Grand Prize. The judges discuss the merits of each finalist’s portfolio, works shown, and presentation, and together decide the winner of the Grand Prize.

“1_WALL” Exhibition

A group exhibition is held spotlighting the six finalists to emerge from the second round of judging. Each finalist is allocated a gallery wall (approx. 3.85m wide and 2.5m high) to display their works. Besides the works themselves, the judges also take into consideration how the finalists use their overall display space and how they show their works.

Success in the Second Round of Judging


  • "graffiti is blooming"

    Koki Oguma

    Born in 1981

  • "VISION"

    Yukiko Shimono

    Born in 1988

    Currently studying at Musashino Art University,Department of Design Informatics.

  • "fog"

    Ryota Nishimoto

    Born in 1977

    Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University.

  • "panchira☆girl"


    Born in 1978

    Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art College.

  • "the priest of light protects one and all"

    Eri Yuzawa

    Born in 1983

    Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design College of Art and Design Department of Fine Arts Concentration in Oil Painting and Printmaking.

  • "Fool's Experiments"

    Manami Hayasaki

    Born in 1980

    Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and DESIGN, BA FIine Art, Kyoto City University of Arts, Japanese Traditional Painting.

Second Round of Judging

A portfolio review is held one-on-one between each entrant and a judge. Here, the entrants are given the opportunity to directly explain the motives behind their works or their production process. After all portfolio reviews are completed, the judges assemble to discuss their assessments and select the six finalists.

Success in First Round of Judging

Entrants Who Successfully Passed the First Round of Judging

Portfolio Judging

Judging is performed based on entrants’ work files and data. The judges, all prominent in their respective fields – design, illustration, photography, etc. – plus members of the secretariat, render their judgments from various perspectives. Thirty entrants are selected to continue on to the second round of judging.


  • Jun Kosaka


  • Kenjiro-Sano

    (Art director)

    Art director born in 1972. President of MR_DESIGN Inc. His major work includes Toyota ReBORN, Suntory BOSS, LISMO!, Nyanmage, S.T. Corporation’s Air Counter, T Boo! S for TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), Mizkan’s Toromame, etc. Nico products and the “Earth Garbage Bag” of his design are sold at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), Collette in Paris, London’s Design Museum and la Rinascente in Milan. www.mr-design.jp

  • Kazunari Hattori

    (Graphic designer)

    Graphic designer Kazunari Hattori was born in Tokyo in 1964. After graduating from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, he initially worked for Light Publicity before going freelance. His major works include art direction of the magazines “Ryuko Tsushin,” “here and there” and “Mayonaka”; and, for Hermès Japon, art direction of “Hermès Bespoke Objects” and “L’atelier petit h.” He also performed VI planning for the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Naomi Hirabayashi

    (Art director, Graphic designer)

  • Hiro Sugiyama

    (Art director, Artist)